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Early Peoples (Pages 16-19)

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1 Early Peoples (Pages 16-19)
Chapter 1, Section 1 Early Peoples (Pages 16-19)

2 Main Idea Migration to the Americas Causes
1.Following herds in search of food 2.Searching for alternate sources of food when large animals died out

3 Effects 1. Fishing communities established
2. Development of farming techniques 3. Stable communities established 4. More advanced cultures developed

4 Sequencing Events - 28,000 B.C. Asian hunters enter North America
- 10,000 B.C. Last Ice Age ends B.C. Farming develops in Mexico B.C. Early villages established in Mexico

5 The Journey From Asia (pages 16-18)
Crossing the Land Bridge - During the Ice Age, sea water was frozen in ice, which made sea levels lower and opened a land bridge

6 In Search of Hunting Grounds
- These first Americans moved from place to place searching for food. It took many centuries for them to cross

7 Hunting for Food - Warmer overall temperatures made the sea levels rise, which covered the land bridge with water. At the same time, the large game animals that the first Americans hunted died out

8 Terms to Know Archaeology – the study of ancient peoples
Artifacts – things left behind by early people – stone tools, weapons etc. Ice Age – periods of very cold temperatures when part of the earth was covered with ice

9 Terms to Know cont. Migration – movement of a large number of people into a new homeland Nomads – people who move from place to place

10 Academic Vocabulary Expose – to deprive of shelter, protection, or care Environment – the physical, social, or cultural conditions that influence the life of an individual or community

11 Settling Down (pages 18-19) - Summarizing
Planting Seeds - When large animals disappeared, native Americans turned to hunting small game, fishing, and gathering grains and berries. - About 9,000 years ago, people in Mexico began planting and raising maize, which led to population growth

12 Summarizing cont. Early Communities
- farming peoples began to settle down rather than moving around; farming spread to other areas

13 - Farming changed peoples’ lives and culture
Summarizing cont. The Growth of Cultures - Farming changed peoples’ lives and culture

14 Terms to Know 1. culture 2. nomadic 3. Maize 4. carbon dating

15 Academic Vocabulary community – a group of people who live together and share ways of life Complex – something that can be difficult to learn because it has many parts that are connected to eachn other

16 Section Wrap-up How did the first people arrive in the Americas?
- By crossing a land bridge connecting Siberia and Alaska

17 Section Wrap-up cont. What discovery changed the lives of early Native Americans? - Learning to grow food changed the lives of the early Native Americans

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