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2 This is my banner. I made this banner using fireworks software to help me. These are my buttons which I made in the fireworks software to help to make my buttons run smoothly I linked then all together. My banner and buttons appear on every page.

3 Home This is my banner that I designed myself on fireworks. These are my buttons that I also made on fireworks. This is my brief description of daisy chain photography website. This is a picture that I edited in fireworks. This a little bit about me This is the word “photography” that I edited and filed with the image of a city scape.

4 About us This page just has basic information and a contact box to help you contact me with ideas and recommendations It still has the and banner and buttons There would also be a my photography with the city sky line in the background

5 Latest news This is my latest photography news with a link where I found it.

6 photos These are my favourite photos this week. I re created them on Dreamweaver I also have the same banner and buttons as before.

7 you This page was also made in fireworks and Dreamweaver And i made it so people can add there opinions and there pictures to show other people who read my website.

8 I chose the colour #00FFC3 as my text colour as it is both readable and pretty. I chose text size 18 as it is also readable but it stands out and does not make it seem like there is a lot of writing. I chose to use this font as it is readable and appealing to everyone. CSS (cascading style sheets)

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