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Showing a mock-up Re-drafting your proposal UNIT 2 – A01 DESIGN.

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1 Showing a mock-up Re-drafting your proposal UNIT 2 – A01 DESIGN

2 Assessment Your work on UNIT 2 has been marked up to date. You should have at least 3 ticks in the PASS column. If you havent - read the comments to find out what you need to do.

3 A mock -up You need to make a mock up of your template web page to show what your house style will look like when put together See the next slide for an example of how to do this Add this to your existing design PowerPoint

4 HOMEAncient EgyptRED SEAHOTELSFEEDBACK Welcome to Egypt Banner – uses house colours, text and images Navigation buttons for external links (house colour) Horizontal navigation bar for moving to other pages in the website- uses house font and colours Rollover button to get to the next page, starts as a picture of an angelfish and changes into a picture of a camel when you roll your mouse over it

5 Re-drafting your Proposal If I have not made any comments about your proposal please re-draft it using the headings on the next slide If I have advised you to make changes to your proposal then make sure you add these to your Proposal slide You can just copy the next slide, paste it into your own design PowerPoint and then fill in using your proposal sheet

6 My Proposal NAME OF MY WEBSITE THE PURPOSE OF MY WEBSITE Add comments here about why you think your website is needed and what you plan to include DETAILS OF TARGET AUDIENCE Add comments here about what age groups you will target your website at. What things will you include to attract that age group(s)

7 My Proposal NAME OF MY WEBSITE Egypt – Land of the ancients THE PURPOSE OF MY WEBSITE The purpose of my website is to inform visitors about the attractions on offer in Ancient Egypt and modern Egypt. Ancient Egypt in the form of the temples at Karnak, Luxor, Valley of the Kings and Giza. Then modern Egypt by a look at the modern red Sea resort of Sharm-el-sheikh. I plan to feature a few truly memorable hotels from both areas to underline what a luxurious experience visiting Egypt is. I will include a page so that visitors can give me feedback on my website so it can be improved in the future DETAILS OF TARGET AUDIENCE My website will be mainly aimed at the age group 30-50 and who are looking for a luxurious experience and prepared to pay a little bit more than normal for it. Therefore I will include some 5 star hotels in ancient and modern Egypt to cater for my target audience. Also this age group are more likely to go sight seeing round the ancient sites so I will include information to attract them to visit the ancient temples and pyramids

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