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Selective Breeding Ms. Franklin October 30, 2012.

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1 Selective Breeding Ms. Franklin October 30, 2012

2 GPS – S7L3c Students will recognize that selective breeding can produce plants and animals with desired traits.

3 Selective Breeding This is the oldest type of genetic manipulation. Breeding organisms for a desired characteristic. Works very well in plants. Also works with animals, but this can be more difficult.

4 Selective Breeding Mating animals to produce desired traits in offspring – Racehorses – Dog breeds – Chickens – Variegated roses – Giant pumpkins – Seedless fruits

5 Inbreeding Breeding organisms with specific characteristics generation after generation This does become risky because recessive traits can surface that are harmful

6 Pure Breed Animals Dogs, Cats, Horses, etc. End up with many problems- joint issues, blindness, etc. Mutts are often more healthy

7 Hybridization Breeding of two different species that results in an offspring Actually happens in nature (coydog/dogote and wolphins) Humans can do this on purpose to create desired traits, common example is the mule

8 Hybridization Liger is another example

9 Take this just a step further Scientists can hybridize the genes by adding DNA from one organism to another organisms egg (meta-cloning) Example: chickens that are both meaty and good egg layers

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