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Immigration Then and Now Pam Marshall Candace Sheldon Inverness Middle School.

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2 Immigration Then and Now Pam Marshall Candace Sheldon Inverness Middle School

3 By Boat or by Plane- People from around the world come with hope to AMERICA! From the North, South, East or West

4 To most people entering the United States, the Statue of Liberty was their very first impression of America. The promise of freedom and the chance to build lives away from poverty or tyranny was a powerful force which pulled millions of immigrants from their native countries National Archives photo

5 People knew that they had to make it through Ellis Island before they would ever see the shores of America! They smeared makeup on their skin to cover jaundice. Shaved their heads to cover up lice and did whatever it took to make it through the Island guards. Photo-Courtesy National Archives

6 In the years following the Great Depression, great numbers of immigrants from European countries such as Italy, Ireland, Finland, Ireland, and the Slavic countries poured into Ellis island. National Archives photo

7 Once they had moved through the government physical and document verification process, the immigrants of the 1930s were free to live anywhere they wished. Unfortunately the Land of Golden Opportunity had just come out of a huge economic disaster and had little if anything, to offer these families who were then forced to live in shanties or tent towns. National Archives Photos

8 Photo courtesy of USA National Archives

9 With out jobs to go to and little else to do, the newcomers to America spent their days in groups with other people who spoke their language and listened to the wireless or radio. They hoped that in time they would be able to find jobs and homes where they could begin new lives in a new country. America had always been the country that had everything! How could they be in such dire straits in this wonderful land? Photo-Courtesy-Of the USA National Archives

10 Many of the immigrants to America were placed in detention centers because they were sick or didnt have the correct documentation. These people stayed here for as long as 6 months until they were well, or they were deported back to their original country. They were not allowed contact with anyone except their lawyer (if they could afford one) outside the center until their case was resolved. Photo- Courtesy of National Archives

11 From the East From The West North or the South America meant FREEDOM!

12 Today, Ellis Island lies empty, except for visitors who view the empty facilities or look at the archived records in search of a relative or loved one who came through the island on their way to America


14 Immigration is different today. The face of immigration is seen in the international airports of the USA! Photos-courtesy of International Arrivals Newark-Liberty International Airport

15 Since 9-11- United States Immigration laws have changed dramatically. Before a person can ever enter the USA they must complete an immigration application, prove that they have a direct relative such as a husband or wife, Mom, or other family member in the USA. Immigration forms that have to be completed 1- G-325 Biographic Information Form-which gives the names and dates of all the places the immigrant has ever lived. 2- Affidavit of Support which proves that the immigrants sponsor makes enough income and will support them in the USA until they legally can work. 3- Background check forms for the immigrant and immediately family to prove they dont have terrorist ties in their country. 4- Health screening forms including blood tests and x- rays to make sure the immigrant doesnt bring AIDS or Tuberculosis into the USA

16 First is the Application form Biographical Data Form National Immigration center checks to see that all data is correct Once the US Embassy in country receives the file they notify the immigrant to come to have medical tests and X-rays completed If the medical tests are fine, the Embassy schedules an interview with the Consulate General, the Immigrant and Sponsor to determine whether the immigrant is granted permission to immigrate to the USA Many Times the Immigrant Must Wait in Their Country for up to 3 Years While Their Citizenship & Immigration Service). The Cost for the Forms Necessary for an Immigrant to Come Into the USA Total Between $2000 and $4000 Depending on the Forms the USCIS Decide the Sponsor Needs to Submit. Finally when all the documents have been approved a VISA is created and at last the immigrant can fly to the USA. Even then the INS will check to see if their documents are okay at the port of entry into the USA Finally after all documents have been approved, the immigrant receives a VISA and may fly to the USA. At the point of entry into the US-one last check is made to verify the immigrants status to enter the US After data has been approved, the immigrants file is sent to the National Service Center where it is recorded for delivery to the US Embassy in the country of the immigrant

17 While the sponsor is waiting for the immigrant to be granted an immigration interview at the US Embassy in their country. The sponsor usually is supporting them financially in their country. This means that the immigration process can cost thousands of dollars by the time the immigrant actually arrives in the USA. Then they came by boat Now they come by plane Most importantly however...They still come! Bienvenidos Bienvenue Wilkommen Marhaban Välkommen Benvenuti And no matter where they come from, the USA still says, WELCOME!

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