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Agenda Reading Quiz Do Now Political Cartoons Analysis

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1 Agenda Reading Quiz Do Now Political Cartoons Analysis
Immigration in the 1900s Notes Homework: Finish Political Cartoon Paragraph Read Call it Sleep and answer the attached questions

2 Do Now Where do you trace your roots back to? How does your family’s history impact who you are today? Think: Hobbies/Interests Religion Traditions Family Structures

3 Political Cartoon Analysis
Look at the 11 political cartoons in pairs or groups Fill in the chart based on Textual evidence Visual evidence Prior knowledge When you finish all 11 cartoons, answer the following question based on your analysis: According to the different political cartoons, what were the common attitudes and feelings in regards to immigration in the United States? What were commonalities among anti- immigration sentiments? What were commonalities among pro- immigration sentiments? 

4 December 15, 2014 American History
Immigration in the 1900s December 15, 2014 American History

5 Objectives By the end of this lesson, I will be able to:
Identify immigrant’s countries of origin Describe the journey immigrants endured and their experiences at United States immigration stations Examine the causes and effects of the nativists’ anti-immigrant sentiments

6 The year is New York City’s swelling population has created a housing crises. Immigrant families crowd into apartments that lack light, ventilation, and sanitary facilities. Children have no where to play except the streets and are often kept our of school to work and help support their families. You are a reformer who wishes to help immigrants improve their lives…

7 Discussion: Turn and Talk
1. What would you do to improve conditions? 2. What skills do newcomers need to make it? 3. How might immigrants respond to help from an outsider? 4. How do you think you would react?

8 Why Did the Immigrants Come Here?
Between 1870 –1920 about 20 million Europeans immigrated to the U.S. Escape religious persecution Improve their economic situation Jobs Birds of Passage Experience greater freedom in the U.S. Escape difficult conditions Famine Land shortage

9 A Difficult Journey: Turn and Talk
What main issues do you think the immigrants faced when coming into the USA? Which of these do you think would be most difficult for you if you were an immigrant? How do you think they were treated? What do you think was the overall American view on immigration at this time? Similar or different from today?

10 Arrival at Ellis Island

11 Ellis Island Most European immigrants to the U.S. arrived in New York and had to pass through the immigration located on Ellis Island in New York Harbor Immigrants were carefully health screened and could only bring 100lbs of belongings

12 Passing Inspection Officials at Ellis Island decided whether the immigrants could enter the country Check for serious health problems Document checks What do you think the requirements for entering the country should have been?

13 Immigration Scene

14 Requirements for Admission?
Proving they had never been convicted of a felony? Demonstrating that they were able to work Showing that they had some money At least $25 (1909 standard)

15 Exact Questions Used What is your name?
Have you ever been to America before? Do you have any relatives here? If the answer was yes, then asked where they lived. Is there anyone who came to meet you at Ellis Island? Who paid for your passage? Do you have any money? (If the answer was “yes” then the immigrant was told to show it) Do you have a job waiting for you in America? Do you have a criminal record?

16 Edward Ferro: An Italian Immigrant
“The language was a problem of course, but it was overcome by the use of interpreters…It would happen sometimes that these interpreters – some of them – were really softhearted people and hated to see people being deported, and they would, at times, help the aliens by interpreting in such a manner as to benefit the alien and not the government.” (I Was Dreaming to Come to America)

17 Angel Island Not all immigrants came through Ellis Island
Angel Island – Immigration station for the Asian immigrants arriving on the West Coast – San Francisco Inspection process was more difficult than on Ellis Island Filthy conditions Harsh questioning

18 Cooperation For Survival
Think about finding… A place to live A job Understanding the language and culture Many immigrants settled in communities with other immigrants from the same country

19 Immigration Restrictions
America started to be called a MELTING POT Many cultures and races had blended Many immigrants refused to give up their culture

20 The Rise of Nativism Some Americans didn’t like so many immigrants living in the U.S. NATIVISM – preference for native-born Americans Gave rise to anti- immigrant groups Led to a demand for immigration restrictions

21 Anti-Asian Sentiment Chinese immigrants worked for low wages
This took jobs from native born Americans Labor groups pressured politicians to restrict Asian immigrations Chinese Exclusion Act – Banned all but a few Chinese immigrants Not lifted until 1943

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