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The tundra by: C.J. Josh Sarah l. Amanda Austin.

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1 The tundra by: C.J. Josh Sarah l. Amanda Austin

2 Describe Tundra The Tundra is a cold dry region where the trees can not grow because of the temperature. They have short cool summers and long cold winters. People say the Tundra comes to life in the spring because the few plants come out.

3 Landforms Most parts of the tundra are low lands. And there are very few mountains in the tundra.

4 Plants . A Pasque flower is a plant that lives in the tundra
The flower opens in the early spring with the other flowers The Pasque flower means Easter flower.

5 Temperatures & Rainfall
Ever month in the tundra is about 10 to 20 degrees c The Tundra has 6-10 inches of rainfall is the average each year

6 Wood frog

7 Wood frog 2 to 3 inches long Females are much larger then males.
They are usually brown tan and rust colored.

8 Wood frog Scientific name: Rana Sylvatica
Eat a variety of small invertebrates. The tadpoles eat algae. Hibernate in the winter. Lay eggs on the water

9 Arctic Bumblebees Live in Arctic Tundra.
Can fly at sub-zero temperatures. Have a dense of hair on their bodies that slows heat loss. Bumblebees do not die when the sting some thing.

10 Arctic Bumblebees Their habitat is in the grasslands and shrub lands in high Arctic and Alpine areas. They would live around the tops of higher continents. Their diet is pollen from the flowers. The biggest predator of the bumblebee is the skunk. More bumblebees are killed by parasites.

11 KILLER WHALE The killer whale is up to 23 feet long .
The killer whale survives by eating fish, walruses, seals, sea lions, penguins, squid sea turtles, sharks and other whales. The scientific name for the killer whale is Orcas

12 KILLER WHALE If the dorsal fin is pointing up it is a male killer whale. If if the killer whale has a fin that is going back then it is a female

13 Snow Goose Snow geese are better swimmers then ducks or swans.
They are also better at walking on land because their legs are longer They are graceful animals that live in the snow

14 Snow Goose Snow gees live in parts of tundra And they eat gooseberries
Snow gees can some times be found in a zoo Adult snow gees range in weight from about 3 ¼ pounds to 8 ¾ pounds (1.5 kilograms to 4.0 kilograms)

15 Reptiles There are no reptiles living in the Tundra.
If they lived there they would die. They would die because the body temperatures can't handle the cold.


17 Silver Salmon Silver-Salmon;also known as the choho salmon has an average weight of 7-11 pounds. The silver salmon has an average length of 28 inches. The heaviest weight of a silver-salmon is 36 pounds.

18 Silver-Salmon After six to seven weeks in the eggs the babies hatch in the spring that the nest is in. Mature female Silver-Salmon are darker than the males;and have a more hooked chin than the males.

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