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The Forest By: By:MahimaMelissa,Peter,Thomas,Tyler.

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1 The Forest By: By:MahimaMelissa,Peter,Thomas,Tyler


3 Kinds Of Forest There are many kinds of forest such as. Tropical Rain Forest, Tropical Seasonal Forest, The Savanna, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Temperate Ever Green Forest, Boreal Forest.

4 Forest Rain Fall Each Year Each year at least 30-60 inches of rain falls in the forest.

5 The Forest floor The forest is covered with clumps of Moss, green, yellow, and red Leaves, Twigs, Animal Droppings, and chemicals for new plant growth. Among all the objects there are still small organisms that can be found!

6 The blue poison dart frog By: Tyler The poison dart frogs come in a variety of colors from blue to yellow to red with blue legs that look like jeans. These colorful frogs werent found untill 1968!

7 An adult frog is about as long as a in. it weighs about 0.3 ounces. They are found all over south America, some in the rain forest, never in water but next to. The size and range of The Poison Dart Frog

8 Predators are snakes,large spiders, and humans! The diet is termites, tiny beetles, small insects! The male frogs have round toes, the female frogs have straight toes.

9 The Tiger By: Mahima An adult tiger is about 300 pounds while a baby is only 3 pounds!!! The tiger lives in almost all the forests in the world. It eats large mammals such as deer,antelope,wild cattle, and wild pigs. Sometimes even small rhinos and elephants. Their predators are large rhinos and other large animals.

10 By: Mahima A tigers life span is usually really,really long. They are almost always alone. The only time they are not alone is when they are with their babies. they even hunt alone.

11 Great Horned Owl They are reddish brown and grey. Their eyes are yellow. Their feet are covered with feathers. They can turn their head 270 degrees! They can grow to be 2 feet long.

12 Great Horned Owl Female are longer than the males and 10 to 20 % bigger. Both the male and female take turns laying eggs. The Great Horned Owls young can not fly till they are 9 weeks old.

13 Wolf Spiders By Peter They hunt alone. Wolf spiders are carnivores They jump on their prey, chase their prey or wait for it to walk by. They live in human homes, burrows and under rocks.

14 Wolf Spider They bite but not poisonous. It is not lethal but it will hurt. They bite because they are in danger.

15 They carry their eggs on their spinneret's. There are 1 centimeter – 3 centimeters. Or ½ in to 2 inches long. They have eight eyes in three rows. Color helps camouflage for protection. They are brown to gray with different markings. There are very hairy!

16 Mudskipper By Thomas The normal length of a mudskipper is between 6 and 12 inches. The mudskipper live in burrows dug in mud. Mudskippers live approximately 5 years. Mudskippers climb up tree trunks and at the first sight of danger they sprint into there burrow.

17 Mudskipper There are several hundred eggs in one burrow. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the eggs to hatch.

18 Mudskipper A mudskipper can breath out of water. Other adult mudskippers might eat there young. The mudskipper eats algae and other small fish or insects.

19 Mudskipper The mudskippers mating seasons are May and July. Male mudskippers turn bright colors when it is mating season to attract female mudskippers.

20 Mudskipper The mudskippers eyes are designed for in and out of the water. The mudskipper spends most of there time under water.


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