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4 Types of Sentences.

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1 4 Types of Sentences

2 A sentence: A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought.

3 A declarative sentence:
A declarative sentence makes a statement or tells something. Example: James Blue was my grandfather.

4 An interrogative sentence:
An interrogative sentence asks something. Example: Do you like ice cream?

5 An exclamatory sentence:
An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling. Example: I love to run!

6 An imperative sentence:
An imperative sentence commands someone to do something. Example: Shut the door behind you.

7 Tell me what type of sentence it is:
1. Please take out the trash. 2. How do you expect me to swim with sharks? 3. Braves win the NL East! 4. Hayley is staying with me. 5. Eat your veggies. 6. Have you read The Cay?

8 Class work: Complete exercise 1 on page 298 of your writer’s choice book. (# 1-5) Write out the whole sentence and then write what type of sentence it is. When you get finished, turn your paper over on your desk and silently read. We will go over the answers when everyone finishes.

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