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E- Commerce Monique Witsen Cert III – Web Support.

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1 e- Commerce Monique Witsen Cert III – Web Support

2 What is e-Commerce? e = electronic The buying & selling of products & services through electronic means over the internet. Types of e-commerce 1.Business to Business – B2B 2.Business to Consumer– B2C 3.Consumer to Consumer – C2C


4 Features of e-Commerce Technology Ubiquity Global Reach Interactivity Personalisation Information Richness Information Density Universal Standards User Generated Content

5 Advantages Convenient 24 hour trading Global marketplace Greater choice Access to the best price /comparison shopping and quickly Low operational costs for the business Environmentally sustainable

6 Disadvantages Privacy and security Takes business away from traditional stores Competitive – good for consumer not the seller No direct contact with consumer / seller / product Delivery times Shipping costs can be high

7 Setting up an e-Commerce website 1.Purchase domain name 2.Sign up with a web hosting provider 3.Use a reliable shopping cart 4.Create a database 5.Accept credit cards 6.Use a secure socket layer – SSL 7.Use a payment gateway 8.Aquire a merchant account 9. Aquire a separate business account

8 e-Commerce Platforms e-Commerce platforms provide solutions for business’ to create their own online store Magento Etsy

9 Business Expectations The two main business expectations with e-Commerce is Reduced costs Expand business / Increase Sales

10 Recommendations If you’re in business in 2012, you should be online.

11 ecommerce-review/ ecommerce-review/ help-you-grow-your-small-business-1/ help-you-grow-your-small-business-1/ website.html website.html

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