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The Expressions for Internet & e-Commerce Complied by Terri Yueh.

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1 The Expressions for Internet & e-Commerce Complied by Terri Yueh

2 A. The Internet ISP (Internet service provider) is the organization that provides you with Internet access. Internet access refers to the means by which users connect to the Internet. Register: to sign up for something Account: A subscription to a service Password: a secret word that only you know

3 A. The Internet Log on /off is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identification of the user using credential provided by the user. Surf: To browse the Internet. Site: A website (is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are hosted on one web server, usually accessible via the Internet.

4 B. Clicks-and-mortar E-commerce E-commerce – Connected with the use of electronic communication, especially the Internet, for sending information, doing business, etc. – Trade, especially between countries, the buying and selling of goods and services. Ex: I started an e-commerce operation, selling goods over the Internet.

5 B. Clicks-and-mortar Shopping cart Shopping cart When we shopping in the Internet, we would choice goods into the shopping cart. cart → a light vehicle with wheels that you pull or push by hand. Ex: Visitors don’t have trouble finding what they want, adding items to their shopping cart and paying for them by credit card.

6 B. Clicks-and-mortar Unique user Unique user – Being the only one of its kind E- tailing E- tailing – Retail sale in the Internet Bricks-and-mortar Bricks-and-mortar – The real store, not in the Internet Traditional retailing Traditional retailing

7 B. Clicks-and-mortar Clicks-and-mortar Clicks-and-mortar – Traditional retailing and e-commerce Physical delivery Physical delivery Ex: the physical delivery of goods to Internet customers

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