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Distributed Leadership…A Tool For the School Improvement Journey

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1 Distributed Leadership…A Tool For the School Improvement Journey
Presented by… Denise Hicks Barnes, Assistant Principal Louis L. Redding Middle School Sherry Gross, Principal & Lindsay Baker, Teacher Leader Glasgow High School Amy Levitz, Principal & Tracy Soisson, Teacher Leader Gauger-Cobbs Middle School

2 Overview… Opening Activities: Definition of Distributed Leadership
Common Attributes The Perfect School Definition of Distributed Leadership Common Themes Lessons Learned Individual Reflection What Are Our Common Attributes? Final Thoughts

3 Common Attributes… Although we are all different…we have many things in common Activity Distribute “Common Attributes” handout

4 In a Perfect World… What does your dream house look like?
Silent reflection. Purpose of this slide is to get the audience in the proper mindset…

5 In a Perfect World…. What does your “DREAM SCHOOL” look like?
Take a few minutes to discuss what your “DREAM SCHOOL” would look like in 5 years. Programs…Characteristics…Professional Development…Groups record thoughts on chart paper…share out. During share out, one of the presenters should be writing down (on chart paper) the “common themes” that many of the groups share that relate to the distributed leadership model.

6 Distributed Leadership…
What does DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP mean to you? Large group conversation. Ask for volunteers to share their definitions.

7 Distributed Leadership Is…
Distributed leadership centers around a different model within the school where the distinctions between followers and leaders tends to blur (Gronn, 2000) It incorporates the activities and efforts of multiple groups in a school who work at guiding staff in the instructional change process (Spillane, 2001)

8 Distributed Leadership is Not…
It is not one more committee on which people serve It is not one person single handedly reforming a school It is not a top-down leadership model It is not possible without building leadership capacity among your faculty

9 Traditional professional development models have some flaws/disparities. Discuss how the Distributed Leadership model provides possible solutions to these flaws… *Need to change background to match the rest of the slide show.

10 Common Themes…Goals Building Leadership Capacity
Improving Student Achievement Enhancing Climate and Culture of the School Increasing Family and Community Engagement

11 Common Themes… Accomplishments
Louis L. Redding Middle School… This year we had common planning for grade levels Curricular meetings monthly that were about Best Instructional Practices – Social Studies for example Common Grade Level Assessments (Math) Using an Enhancing Education Through Technology (E2T2) to develop Understanding by Design units of study Communication with parents through mailings Team Leader meetings were proactive and problem solving in nature Started our vision for the perfect school Redding needs to add accomplishments in white font

12 Common Themes… Accomplishments
Glasgow High School… PLC’s Time built in to master schedule for regular, frequent meetings Approximately 30 groups of 4-6 professionals linked by subject area or responsibilities Increased Teacher Leadership in areas of PEP and MAP PD delivered via PLC’s Individualized PD for faculty Faculty meetings focused more on instruction and less on administrivia Glasgow needs to add accomplishments in white font

13 CommonThemes… Accomplishments
Gauger-Cobbs Middle School… Increase in DSTP data MAP Growth Collaborative Teaching Time for Collaboration PBS Planning Team Action Teams Teachers are committed to improving student achievement Teachers facilitating professional development Roll Through Professional Development 10 percent increase in math…6 percent in writing…and maintained our 18 percent increase in reading (higher than the district percentage in all three areas)

14 Need to change the background to match rest of slide show

15 Common Themes…Barriers
Achievement Gaps Discipline Disparities Time Staff Transition (turnover in administration and teachers) Low Parental Involvement Resistance to Change Resistance to Change = “Distributed Leadership is just the latest fad in school reform”…getting buy in from staff, parents, and administration.

16 Common Themes…Next Steps
Louis L. Redding Middle School Vision Time Collaboration Meeting Norms Parent Involvement

17 Common Themes…Next Steps
Glasgow High School… Individualized PD continued Sophisticated PLC projects to impact greater number of faculty/students Improved public relations/parent involvement Glasgow needs to add “Next Steps” in white font

18 Common Themes…Next Steps
Gauger-Cobbs Middle School Collaboration Norms Goal Setting Using Data Logs Common Assessments Peer Visits Video Tape as a Tool Targeted Interventions PBS Targeted Interventions = FastForward, double-dosing math and LA, special Math support classes.

19 Professional Development…
This year Future Outside Opportunities Gauger-Cobbs Teaching in the Block Curriculum Collaboration PBS Professional Development School Visits Glasgow Block Scheduling Individualized PD MAP Louis L. Redding DPAS II Data Day Visioning Curriculum Days Instructional Meetings Meeting Norms Vision Glasgow needs to add to “Future” box.

20 Lessons Learned… All teachers are leaders, and this leadership promotes a feeling of professional satisfaction. Opportunities for Authentic Leadership Celebrate Leadership “People support what they help create” (No Name) Amy, I lost the 2 other quotes you had in here…feel free to paste back in…sorry

21 Individual Reflection…
How is distributed leadership exemplified in your school or organization? Identify examples that currently exist.

22 Individual Reflection…
What are the common attributes that exist among the three schools? Of these common attributes…what can we make common to our school or organization?

23 Final Thoughts…. Distributed Leadership may already exist in various forms within your school Although we may all look very different, we all have common attributes… most notably…our desire to positively impact student achievement!!!!

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