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The Mobile Channel, TCPA and Privacy NCHELP New Orleans January 19, 2012 Mercedes Kelley Tunstall Of Counsel 202.661.2221 Jerod.

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1 The Mobile Channel, TCPA and Privacy NCHELP New Orleans January 19, 2012 Mercedes Kelley Tunstall Of Counsel 202.661.2221 tunstallm@ Jerod Laughlin SVP, Digital Marketing PNC Bank John L. Culhane, Jr. Partner 215.864.8535

2 2 The Wonderful World of Mobile Mobile devices are now used for all sorts of purposes related to financial services: Marketing and Advertising Applications Payments/Wallets Servicing/Customer Communications/E-Alerts M-Commerce

3 3 3 Methods of Mobile Communications Text messages Can be sent in a variety of formats, SMS, MMS, VMS, among others (i.e., Bluetooth). Mobile Web Websites can be optimized for viewing on a mobile browser Mobile Apps (i.e., Apple's App Store) Still innovating the best types of apps for financial services

4 3/2/2014 4 Legal Considerations for Mobile Telephone Consumer Protection Act CAN-SPAM Applies to text messages that are sent to an email address (i.e., Marketing messages must be scrubbed against opt-out list and message must contain opt-out information Mobile Marketing Association

5 3/2/2014 5 MMA's Consumer Best Practices Double opt-in for text messages Customer initiates request for text Responsive text asks for approval to continue texting Customer confirms Responsive text must include the following information: Description of what messages will be received Msg&Data Rates May Apply Frequency of messaging HELP STOP

6 3/2/2014 6 MMA (cont.) More on STOP messaging Alternative terms must be recognized (e.g., quit, cancel, unsubscribe, end) STOP must not be case-sensitive In dispute now -- after STOP message is received, MMA recommends sending a confirmation STOP message, but, recent case law suggests otherwise. Opting out of text messaging generally Customer should be able to opt-out the same way that they opted-in to receiving text messages.

7 3/2/2014 7 MMA (cont.) Records of opt-ins and opt-outs -Should be maintained for from the time of opt-in until a minimum of at least six months after opt-out -Opt-ins and opt-outs should be processed within three days of the request Terms and Conditions for Text Messaging -Should explain how STOP and HELP work -Should include customer service telephone number and website for chatting -Disclose the frequency of messaging (or intended frequency) -Any other applicable terms and conditions -Carrier compatibility (to the extent applicable)

8 3/2/2014 8 Tricky Topics Sweepstakes Debt Collection Loan Applications via Mobile Web or Mobile App

9 3/2/2014 9 Mobile Payments and Wallets Person-to-person mobile payments -Using email address or cell phone number -Funds exchange via ACH Mobile Wallets -Replacement for plastics – debit, prepaid, credit cards -Also, loyalty or membership cards -NFC

10 3/2/2014 10 Customer Authentication Requirements FFIEC – Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment (2005), supplemented June 28, 2011 When is authentication required? -Initial authentication -Additional layers of authentication, based upon risk level of transaction Business transactions are more risky than consumer transactions Layers should compensate for weakness in one control What are financial institutions required to do? -Detect and respond to suspicious activity, especially: initial login and authentication of customers to online banking customers initiating the transfer of funds to other parties electronically -Control administrative functions

11 3/2/2014 11 Suggested Authentication Methods fraud detection and monitoring that includes customer history and behavior; use of dual customer authorization through different access devices; use of out-of-band verification for transactions; use of positive pay, debit blocks, and other limits on transactions; account activity controls; recognizing IP addresses associated with fraudulent activities; processes for recognizing compromised customer devices as well as customers who may be facilitating fraud; controls for changes by customers to their account information online as well as through other customer service functions; customer education on techniques for customers to mitigate fraud

12 3/2/2014 12 AML and Data Security Concerns and Mobile Portability presents concerns: -Physical portability -Number portability -Underscores the importance of proper authentication, even in the mobile channel Mobile is the new frontier for hackers -Minimize information that is available to be stored on the phone that contains personally-identifiable information

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