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STARS Student Transportation Allocation Reporting System Overview August 2011 OSPI Student Transportation.

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1 STARS Student Transportation Allocation Reporting System Overview August 2011 OSPI Student Transportation

2 Files available for download at: WAC 392-141 (as adopted) STARS (draft) Instructions STARS (draft) detailed guidance STARS User Manual STARS GIS Application User Manual OSPI Student Transportation

3 Report Schedule OSPI Student Transportation Fall Report September 1 – October 31 Due October 31st Winter Report November 1 – February 1 Due February 1st Spring Report February 2 – May 1 Due May 1

4 Fall versus Winter & Spring Fall Report: Funding and Non-funding data Winter & Spring Student counts Update out-of-district route info OSPI Student Transportation

5 Funding Data OSPI Student Transportation Basic Program Student Counts Special Program Student Counts Route Data Update K Route Count Non-High Transportation Update Car Mileage Estimate

6 The 6 Route Types Report Home-to-School routes only OSPI Student Transportation

7 Basic Program: Route Type A Basic home-to-school students No mid-day or shuttle counts Include Extended Day Academic Must separate non-academic riders OSPI Student Transportation

8 Special Programs: 5 Route Types Special Education (S) Bilingual (B) Early Education (E) Gifted (G) Homeless (H) OSPI Student Transportation

9 Count Periods Three Day Student Count Throw out the high & low Report the middle Must not be within last 5 days of the report period OSPI Student Transportation

10 Student Count Count in the AM at the school load zone Count in the PM at the school load zone Track student count by program OSPI Student Transportation

11 Daily Count: what to report Basic Program Counts Basic School Bus Count School bus or district car routes Students picked up in walk area Students provided with transit passes OSPI Student Transportation

12 Student Count: what to report Special Program Counts: Special Education Bilingual Program Gifted Program Homeless Transportation Early Education Program SCHOOL BUS OR DISTRICT CAR ONLY OSPI Student Transportation

13 STARS Online Application OSPI Student Transportation An Education Data Systems (EDS) Application Requires Silverlight a free download from Microsoft

14 Example #1 STARS Reporting Interface Student Counts OSPI Student Transportation

15 Select District Data, Student Data and Edit OSPI Student Transportation

16 Enter Student Data OSPI Student Transportation

17 Basic Program Counts STARS will provide the total OSPI Student Transportation

18 Special Program Counts STARS will provide the total OSPI Student Transportation

19 Walk Area Walk area definition: A safe route to school Less than one road mile OSPI Student Transportation

20 Walk Area Process Use a multiple agency approach Include county health department, walking advocates, etc. Use this as your guideline: OSPI Student Transportation

21 Walk Area Process Retain all documentation for your process If you dont pick up within a mile … you dont have to document If you dont have a process… you cant count riders within a road mile OSPI Student Transportation

22 School Bus Route Information Route information provides data for: Calculating the average distance Counting the number of destinations Counting the number of buses used for the efficiency rating (not funding) OSPI Student Transportation

23 School Bus Stop Information Fall Report AM Routes and PM only out of district Winter Report Update all out of district Spring Report Update all out of district OSPI Student Transportation

24 School Bus Route Reporting Your choices on how to report: Use the STARS GIS Application Upload 1022A forms Upload an output XML file from your routing software OSPI Student Transportation

25 Example #1 STARS Reporting Interface STARS GIS Application view of a school bus route OSPI Student Transportation

26 STARS School Bus Route/Stop detail

27 Route Data vs Student Count Route data must reflect the districts routes for any day in the Report Period That day does not have to be one of the three days in the Student Count Period OSPI Student Transportation

28 Kindergarten Report Report how many kindergarten routes operated during 10 consecutive school day period that includes the count day Include Pick Up, Take Home and Combined No Student Counts OSPI Student Transportation

29 Non-High School Districts Complete the Non-High Report Do you provide transportation for your high school students? (yes or no) Report is found on the SD Data tab only if you are a non-high district OSPI Student Transportation

30 District Car Mileage Report Document all to-and-from car mileage Update the estimated annual district car miles each report period Dont include extended school year program miles Final report on actual miles by July 15th OSPI Student Transportation

31 Non-Funding Reports OSPI Student Transportation All non-funding reports due Oct 31 st School Bus Mileage School Transportation Fuel McKinney-Vento Transportation

32 Non-Funding Reports OSPI Student Transportation

33 Non- Funding Data Entry OSPI Student Transportation

34 How and When do I find out about funding? Funding through January 2012 based on 2010-11 Funding adjustment to new level last business day of February 2012 No adjustment after Spring Report (Spring 2012 is used in 2012-13 SY) OSPI Student Transportation

35 How and When? After the Winter Report Period View your funding reports: OSPI Student Transportation

36 Funding Report Options OSPI Student Transportation All Summary Reports will be available publically on OSPIs website February 15th

37 FORMS All OSPI forms are OPTIONAL Use a district form or modify the OSPI form or use electronic If they provide the information needed All forms stay in the district OSPI Student Transportation

38 Efficiency Ratings and Reviews Initial Ratings based on STARS workload data and expenditure data available: February 15, 2013 Additional material will be provided OSPI Student Transportation

39 Questions? For general STARS questions: For STARS GIS Application questions: OSPI Student Transportation

40 And your MOST important help, resource… Your Regional Coordinator OSPI Student Transportation

41 ESD 112 and ESD 113 Dan Payne

42 ESD 114 and PSESD 121 Randy Millhollen

43 ESD 189 Anna Esquibel

44 ESD 105 ESD 171 ESD 123 Jan Clarence

45 ESD 105 Mike Kenney

46 OSPI Student Transportation Thanks for all you do The End

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