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September 2011 1. Ellen Ebert Science Director Teaching and Learning, OSPI Craig Gabler Science Coordinator, ESD 113 Cinda Parton Director of Assessment.

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1 September 2011 1

2 Ellen Ebert Science Director Teaching and Learning, OSPI Craig Gabler Science Coordinator, ESD 113 Cinda Parton Director of Assessment Development Assessment and Student Information, OSPI Linda Cabe Smith Science Assessment Coordinator Assessment and Student Information, OSPI 2

3 Introductions Structure of the webinar Information about Life Science Instructional Supports Updates and information about Biology End-of- course exam Asking questions During the webinar we will make every effort to answer your questions. We will compile the questions into one document and post them on the Science Assessment website. 3

4 4

5 5

6 K-12 Science Learning Standards Standards.pdf Standards.pdf 6

7 7

8 Quick links to the Assessment website Each Life Science Content Standard presented with virtual supports Supports for Systems, Inquiry and Application Learning Standards Connections to the Elements of Effective Science Instruction Model Discussion Forum Teacher Created Resources Life Science Instructional Supports Tool Box 8

9 9

10 10

11 Within Moodle there is an area for teachers to communicate, ask questions, offer suggestions and to exchange ideas. 11

12 Teachers will be able to showcase their best lessons or activities that support any of the four Essential Academic Learning Requirements. This portion of the site will be dynamic and change throughout the year. 12

13 Inside the teacher tool box there will be pacing guides, model syllabi, learning progression information and other strategies that will assist teachers to develop their lessons. This portion of the Moodle will also continue to be updated throughout the year. 13

14 Understanding the Systems, Inquiry and Application EALRs are an identified area of need for all teachers in the State. Throughout the year these three areas will be addressed in the Moodle and will be built out with instructional and pedagogical supports. 14

15 OSPI will continue to host monthly supportive webinars to focus on end-of-course exam updates in biology, science standards, best practices in instruction, Next Generation Science Standards, and STEM education. Information about the webinars will be posted at: http :// Standards.aspxhttp :// Standards.aspx. October 24, 20113:00 – 4:30 pm November 21, 20113:00 – 4:30 pm January 9, 20123:00 – 4:30 pm February 27, 20123:00 – 4:30 pm March 19, 20123:00 – 4:30 pm April 30, 20123:00 – 4:30 pm 15

16 Teaching and Learning Contact Information Ellen Ebert, Breanne Conley K-12 Teaching and Learning Science Moodle Address 16

17 17

18 Class of 2013 & 2014 Incoming 10 th and 11 th graders must pass reading, writing, and one math EOC Class of 2015 & Beyond Incoming 9 th graders must pass reading, writing, two math EOCs and the biology EOC 18

19 High School 2010 HSPE 2011 HSPE 2012 EOC Multiple Choice 35 Completion Piloted Short Answer 555 % Points from MC/CP 78% 19

20 Align to Standards 2009 K-12 Science Learning Standards for Systems, Inquiry, Application, and the Life Science Domain (EALR 4) Test Window May/June 2012 Jan/Feb 2013 Graduation Requirement Required for the class of 2015 and beyond (9 th graders in 2011-12) Online Testing Not currently scheduled 20

21 EALR Percent of EOC 1: Systems (crossed with Life Science and alone) At least 15 2: Inquiry (crossed with Life Science and alone) 20 – 25 3: Application (crossed with Life Science and alone) 15 4: Life science domain of EALR 4 (alone) 45 – 50 21

22 Life Science Domain of EALR 4 Percent of EALR 4 Items Percent of EOC Processes in cells (LS1)40-45 20-23 Maintenance and stability of populations (LS2) 30-35 15-18 Mechanisms of Evolution (LS3)25-30 14-16 22

23 Scenarios* Number/ EOC Items Item Types / Scenario MCCPSA Systems 1-2 6-9 each5-80-1 Inquiry 1-2 6-9 each6-90-11-2 Application 1 6-9 0-11-2 Stand Alone Items NA6-94-90-1 Total 4-540 35 5 * Scenario reading load varies from a typical minimum of 80 words for a Systems scenario to a maximum of 500 words for an Application scenario. 23

24 Test Booklet Format Biology EOC Base BookNumberPoints Scenarios4 to 5NA Items Multiple choice/completion35 Short Answer510 Base Book Item Totals4045 pts Pilot Scenario and Items Scenarios0-1NA Items Multiple choice/completion44 Short answer11 Pilot Item Totals5NA Test Booklet Totals 4 to 645 pts 24

25 Biology EOC in 2012 will be administered to: Any student enrolled in a course credited as high school level biology (Course codes: Biology 03051 and IB Biology 03057) All 10 th graders to meet the requirements of NCLB First retake opportunity will be January/ February 2013 25

26 DateEvent Sept 2011Content review with data Oct 2011Biology Performance Level Descriptor Committee Winter 2012Biology EOC Alignment Study Winter/ Spring 2012 Biology Scenario and Item Writing Workshop Winter/ Spring 2012 Online Performance Level Descriptor Training May/June 2012 Biology EOC Exam Administration August 2012Standard Setting 26

27 Biology Test and Item Specifications Biology EOC Sample Item Templates Biology Updates Document with Sample Scenarios and Items Assessment questions? Email 27

28 Science Assessment Webpage 28

29 29

30 Biology EOC will be based on Systems (EALR 1), Inquiry (EALR 2), Application (EALR 3) and Life Science Domain (EALR 4) Content Standards All students in biology and all 10 th grade students will take the exam Performance Level Descriptors will be developed in October and available in February OSPI Science Assessment website contains current schedules, applications, and updates 30

31 Science Assessment Contact Information Cinda Parton, Director of Assessment Development Linda Cabe Smith, Secondary Science Assessment Kara Monroe, Elementary Science Assessment Jessica Cole, Administrative Assistant Science Assessment Web Page 31

32 This Webinar and PowerPoint will be available at: 32

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