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Head Competition and Football Coach: Hannah Miller Football Coach/Assistant: Kristin Keith.

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2 Head Competition and Football Coach: Hannah Miller Football Coach/Assistant: Kristin Keith

3 Clinic will be held May 4-8 from 4:30 – 6:30 All participants must be dressed, in the gym, prepared and ready to learn by 4:30! PARTICIPANTS MUST ATTEND ALL TRY-OUT DATES! During clinic, participants will be taught a dance and cheer, as well as work on jumps. A COMPLETE and up-to-date physical must be on file. Clinic is closed to ALL spectators.

4 Good Attitude Jumps (Toe Touch, Hurdler, Pike, etc…) Dance (timing, coordination and precise motions) Cheer- spirit, voice projection and motions- solid arm movements (stiff and precise) Tumbling- must have a back handspring to tryout. Advanced skills will be assessed and given additional points on the score sheet. Rubrics are provided as a guide to success!!!

5 May 6 th - Judging on 2 jumps May 7 th – Judging on stunting and tumbling May 8 th – Judging on cheer and dance All participants must wear white shirt and black shorts with NO writing Dismissal time depends on their number for tryouts. Results will be posted on the SFMS Cheer website by 8:30 p.m. on May 8 th Tryouts are closed to ALL spectators

6 Judges – non-SFMS coaches Keep in mind candidates will also be judged throughout the clinic on attitude, punctuality, cooperation, respect for authority, willingness to learn and ability to learn material quickly. The coaches will observe behavior during these four days to make decisions about squad placement. Coaches also take into consideration the feedback given to us through the candidates’ teacher recommendations.

7 Attend all choreography sessions. Participate in all fundraisers and community service activities. Maintain high academic standards. Participate in all pre/post-game activities and preparations. Attend and be on time to all games, practices and competitions. Participate in all playoff games.

8 The cost for the season is approximately $1,000 Split into 3 payments (1 st payment due on May 11) $100.00 is refundable upon completing the booster club fundraising. Fees will be discussed in detail on May 14. IncludesDoes not include: Practice wear & competition wear (~$500) Choreography ($92) Routine Music ($32) Monthly gym fees ($265) booster club fundraiser ($100) Transportation fee ($25) Pre-game meals Competition gifts Spirit wear Misc. items

9 DateTimeLocationReason May 115:30pmCoach Miller’s room 451 Parent Meeting and first season payment. Tuesday May 12 May 19 4:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Coach Miller’s Room 451 Sizing for camp clothes and uniforms and team goal setting Tuesday June 9- July 28 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. SFMS Gym Conditioning for stunts and stamina and tumbling Wednesday May 27 -July 29 9:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. Twisters 2395 Pendley Rd. Cumming, GA 30041 Conditioning for stunts, stamina and tumbling July 16 July 17 July 20 TBATwisters 2395 Pendley Rd. Cumming, GA 30041 Choreography CAMP

10 When school starts in August, weekly practices will be as follows:

11 Picking the team is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. Just because you have made the team in the past does not guarantee you a spot this year. Everyone must show up and work hard at try-outs!!!

12 Both athlete and parent MUST understand the time involved in cheerleading: summer practice, after school practice, games and competitions. Other areas for parental involvement: Frequent email updates Parent meetings (as needed) Summer events: banner painting, bonding activities, community service, conditioning at SFMS and Twisters, choreography Season events: Locker decorations, games, competitions Car pools Fundraisers (athletic booster and cheerleader’s)

13 Tryout application Emergency Information form Cheerleading Program Guidelines Agreement Team Waiver Current Physical Form Concussion Awareness Form Athletic Contract 4 teacher recommendation forms-teacher returns to coaches Academic Eligibility Failing 2 or more classes makes the athlete ineligible





18 Physical Night at SFMS: 4:30pm on April 14 at SFMS Gym $20 fee How to complete: Physical form must be completed and signed by medical provider. Concussion form must be signed by parent(s).

19 Athletic Participation Form- Parent(s) completes AND INCLUDES INSURANCE INFORMATION Excerpts



22 contact Hannah Miller or Kristin Keith

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