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Facilitated by Course Tutor - Giselle Ruoss Course Assistant - Frances Saggers.

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1 Facilitated by Course Tutor - Giselle Ruoss Course Assistant - Frances Saggers

2 What to expect from the course:- Day 1: Looking good and feeling great! – Confidence Building Day 2: I can succeed! – Recognising achievement, skills and abilities Day 3: Money and other reasons to work Day 4: I’ve made it! – The interview and getting the job! +

3  What is confidence, motivation, success and happiness?  Your inner voice and beliefs  Self confidence and self image  How other people ‘actually’ see you  Am I ready to start looking for work?’ – making sure things are in place for me to succeed’.

4  Identifying your abilities, strengths and skills  Recognising areas of development  Skills match, gaps, qualifications, career development and change  What jobs should I apply for? The application process:- Asking for an application pack over the telephone Writing a CV Filling out forms Writing a letter

5  How will returning to work effect me financially?  What am I entitled to?  What will I gain or lose by going to work?  What about childcare?  Working Tax Credits  Child Tax credits  Getting what you are entitled to

6  Preparing for interviews  The interview experience  Questions to expect and to ask  Different types of interview  Assessment Centres  Psychometric Tests  Mock interview (role-play)



9 Hello my name is Giselle. My greatest achievement is … Hello my name is Frances. My greatest achievement is… What is your name? What is your greatest achievement?

10  Confidence  Motivation  Success  Happiness

11  Is confidence something that everyone else seems to have except you?  Is confidence something that changes all the time?  Is confidence something that you think other people have too much of?  Is confidence something you are born with or can you develop it?  Believing in yourself?  Or something else ?

12  Is motivation something you need to get up in the morning  Is motivation something you find hard to find?  What motivates you?  Is motivation easy to find when you have something in your life to focus on?  Or something else?

13  Is success something that happens to other people?  Being a parent a measure of success?  Is how happy we are a measure of success?  Is how successful your children are a measure of your own success?  Is how much money we have or don’t have a measure of success?  Or something else?

14  Is happiness seeing the smile of your children?  Knowing you are a good parent?  Knowing that your children love you?  Feeling comfortable about going back to work?

15  Before the break we talked about four important words and what they mean to you.  Now for something EVEN MORE important YOUR INNER VOICE AND HOW MUCH YOUR BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !

16 What you say:  I am a good parent  I am happy being single  My children love me  I can cope with anything  I happy to go to work  I don’t mind leaving my children with other people But what do you actually believe?

17  The last task was really hard and something you need to work on in order to be happy with the choices you have made.

18  How you see yourselves can without doubt have an effect on what you can do and achieve in your lives  This is because when you believe you can achieve and nothing can stop us, more opportunities will be available to us  If you believe you will NOT achieve you will not achieve as much as you could if you THINK POSITIVELY

19  This next task will help you see not only how you see yourself but how other people see you as well.  Understanding this will show you how you come across when you apply for a job, in an application form and in an interview and ultimately at work

20  We are going to talk about different people who have different types of work:-  Full-time  Part-time  Employed  Self-employed  Unemployed  Volunteer Can you tell who does what?

21  You need to know and be comfortable with:-  The job you do  Your company/team/line manager/boss  The hours you work  The days you work  Who looks after your children  Your children should be happy

22 You need to know and be happy with:  Who looks after your children  What happens when your children are ill  Getting your children to and from school  Spending quality time with your children  That your children know that you love them  That you work to provide a better standard of life for you and your children

23  We are all many things to many People How much time in a day are you:  A parent  A partner  A friend  With your children having fun time  Having you time

24  Tomorrow we will look at the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to do a specific job.  Do you know what job you would like to do?  What you need to be able to do the job?  What you need to do before you start the job?  Have you got an idea of what you want to do?

25  I would like to be a:  In order to do that job I need to be/to have?



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