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Help and Hindrance in Apprentice Progression to HE David E Berry Tamsin Bowers-Brown.

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1 Help and Hindrance in Apprentice Progression to HE David E Berry Tamsin Bowers-Brown

2 Building Pathways Role Focus on developing progression routes to HE for modern apprentices BP action plan - interview apprentices at Colleges across South Yorkshire & NE Derbyshire –Assess numbers ready to progress to HE –Do apprentices consider progression to a HE course a viable option ? –Assess barriers apprentices perceive in progression

3 Hindrances identified by Conducting interviews with Apprenticeship students at Building Pathways partner colleges.  44 interviews were conducted with apprentices  Twelve further interviews were conducted with apprentices who had progressed to higher education courses (HNC and HND) at the same colleges.

4 Hindrances Financial Issues Perceived Advantages of HE Employer Issues Apprentice Awareness Expectations / Capability Employer Caution

5 Defining Hindrances Research findings show that  employer support  time  finance and  apprentices’ perceptions of their own ability are some of the key factors that determine whether apprentices will progress to higher- level courses.

6 What do apprentices want? Many wanted to go straight into work Some wanted to progress to HE immediately HE is opportunity they may “take up later on.”

7 £ Many felt that they would earn more in non-managerial roles -> unsure about taking higher-level skills -> relate to monetary gain. ? Indication they were unsure about funding -> clearer information about fees would help them to make a decision on progression.

8 “£” It depends on the work situation, but if I’m being paid to train again I’ll go for any qualifications they offer me It is very expensive. I probably would if I have chance I don’t like the idea of being in debt to any company whether it is student loan or not. Too many people got problems with it.

9 “£” I’m not sure who pays, I thought it were us who had to pay for it, I’m not right sure. It depends, because a lot of people are subcontracting now, so if you’re subcontracting, you have to pay yourself. I don’t know if it’d be day release because I’d still need money coming in, so that’s probably the only thing that would do it for me.

10 Perceived advantages of HE Job opportunities - becoming a foreman or a manager Gain employment abroad. Many apprentices felt that they would earn more in non-managerial roles ->unsure about taking higher level skills.

11 Employer Lottery responses varied greatly depending on the employer for whom apprentices worked The employers have signed us up already, me and two other lads, to do the HNC, starting in September. They've allowed me to have flexible working patterns so I can attend day release courses, also they've paid for me to complete the HND so that's been very supportive. Yes - they're prepared to support me through the HNC, and maybe the degree as well. They pushed me to complete (the apprenticeship) and assisted with the programme work.

12 I wouldn’t mind moving on. I’ve had a chat with work but they say if they do let me, it’s going to be about three years, but I’ll have to sign a contract saying I’ll stop on for five years, but that’s only if the bosses let me.

13 Apprentice Awareness Several indicated that they heard about higher qual opportunities from college tutors. many apprentices could give a vague description. few able to articulate clearly options for progression.

14 They haven't been too good with that one - I've had to do all the steps to do the HNC by myself. We were just in the classroom with the lecturer. He was telling us how you can go up to the advanced … well, it’s something different to the advanced.

15 Expectations / Capability I don’t intend to go into the management side because I don’t think I’m management material, so I’ll just stick to being on the tool side of things. So, obviously, I think it (higher education) would help me if I wanted to go that way later on in life.

16 I don’t really want to go for a higher course, because I’ll find it a bit more difficult and I’m finding it quite hard with one I’m on already, so I think it would be a bit too complicated for me to do the next course up.

17 I sometimes wonder whether I'm in the right business and whether I should be thinking about getting out, rather than getting on. A lot of the older blokes at our place keep saying things like "What’s a young bloke like you wasting your time in a job like this? Engineering is a dying trade. There’s no future in it."

18 Employer caution There was also a concern that employers would not allow apprentices to progress to higher levels of study to prevent them from becoming equally or more qualified. Concern was expressed that employees who had gained higher qualifications might leave the firm

19 No, they want you at work earning them money. They don’t want you studying or doing something that’s going to lead to you walking out on them once you’ve finished your studying, because that’s how they see it, you taking their job. They don’t want you to take their jobs, so no, they won’t support you, they won’t pay for it or anything. If they found out you had to have a day off in the middle of the week they’d definitely be like, no way.

20 Help ! ? Progression pathways Apprentice profiles CD Rom – progression information & opportunities Database development

21 Help ! ? Map out the progression in existing routes – as seen from the Colleges perspective Consider the form, mode & level of study available Provide information on progression possibilities progression pathways career enhancement opps

22 Information – clarification & provision Mapping of course structures – at N. Derbyshire & South Yorkshire Colleges Discussing progression pathways available with key staff in colleges Checking outline progression mapping for clarification Progression pathways diagrams

23 database development HE in FE Level 3 provision & progression Vocational provision & progression to HE

24 Questions ? then ACTIVITY

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