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Home Energy Solutions. What is Cool Cities? Local Communities Making a Commitment to Solve Global Warming Putting Proven Clean Energy Solutions to Work.

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1 Home Energy Solutions

2 What is Cool Cities? Local Communities Making a Commitment to Solve Global Warming Putting Proven Clean Energy Solutions to Work Building Local Coalitions Changing the National Consciousness

3 What is the Challenge and the Opportunity? Stop global warming with local solutions Decrease our dependence on fossil fuels Support a more affordable and safer way to power our country Strengthen local economies

4 Coal Impacts Our Health Coal-fired power plants are among the largest contributors to particulate pollution, ozone, mercury, and global warming. -- The American Lung Association

5 How Much Coal Do You Use? Coal accounts for 83% of CO2 emissions for electricity production It takes one pound of coal to power your TV for 4.5 hours One pound to power your lamp for two evenings The average US household uses 9.5 tons of coal per year

6 Energy Efficiency Makes $ense A lot of savings for a little effort A secure, low cost investment Boosts your local economy by: –Using your dollars to support local contractors, not on excessive utility bills –Keeping your dollars local, not sending them to distant utility companies Saves our resources and slows global warming

7 Energy Efficiency UpgradePurchase PriceAnnual Bill Savings Simple Payback (yrs)ROI 5 CFL Bulbs$10$50.2500% Duct Sealing$250$952.638% ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer*$194$662.934% ENERGY STAR Programmable Thermostat* $107$293.727% Water Heater Tank Wrap (R-12)$85$233.727% ENERGY STAR Refrigerator*$97$234.224% ENERGY STAR Heat Pump*$692$1265.518% ENERGY STAR Dishwasher*$29$55.517% Increase wall and attic insulation$1,784$11116.16% TOTAL$3,970$6476.116% *The purchase price for these appliances list the additional cost to purchasing an energy star appliance over an inefficient standard appliance

8 Save Money on Energy Bills and Reduce your CO2 Footprint 1. Program your thermostat or purchase a programmable thermostat. 2. Install CFL Light bulbs 3. Perform a basic energy audit 4. Seal up leaks 5. Lose/Manage Your Vampire Appliances

9 Step 1 Heat and Cool your home when you are home. Set your thermostat to a lower temperature in the winter and a warmer temperature in summer when you dont need it. Raising your thermostat one degree in the summer can reduce your bill by 3-5%.

10 Step 2 Efficient Lighting Replace your old light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL). A conventional light bulb uses 30% more energy than a CFL. Recycle your used CFLs at local hardware stores. A CFL pays for itself in the first four months and lasts several years.

11 Step 2 Efficient Lighting (contd) The light emitting diode bulb (LED) has a high up front cost but lasts over 20 years and is more energy efficient than even a CFL bulb. A conventional 60 watt bulb uses over 800% more energy than a LED. Make sure any bulb you buy is Energy Star rated.

12 Check for energy leaks or windy drafts. Windows and Doors Light Sockets Fireplace Have at least 12 inches of insulation in your attic Seal leaks in your ducts with mastic or foil tape available at your local hardware store. Step 3 Energy Audit Basics

13 Step 3 Energy Audit Basics (contd) Check your water heater to see if it is warm to the touch...consider turning it down to around 120 degrees. This can cut your water heating bill in half. Insulate hot water pipes, especially if these pipes are located outside the house.

14 Step 4 Seal Leaks in Your Home Caulk cracks Purchase a window kit Rubber weather stripping Foil tape or a glue called mastic fills leaks on your heating and air conditioning ducts Make sure the flue in your fireplace is sealed tight

15 Step 5 Vanquish Phantom Energy Loads Phantom loads are appliances that use energy even after you turn them off. Put appliances on a power strip and turn off everything with just one button Invest in A Kill-A-Watt to measure how much electricity your appliance uses and the phantom load Upgrade to Energy Star appliances when possible

16 Dust off the coils on refrigerator Clean or replace the filter in furnace Plug electronics into power strip Use smaller appliances like a toaster oven or electric kettle instead of stove top. In the summer open windows at night and shut them during the day Free and Low Cost Ideas

17 Inefficient Home Heat loss Standard thermostat Energy Leaks Low Insulation Electricity wasted Incandescent light bulbs Phantom loads Inefficient, old appliances Extra or bachelor fridge in garage Efficient Home Heat efficient Programmable thermostat Leaks are plugged up Thick Insulation Sealed Fire Place Electricity saved CFL light bulbs Power strips Energy Star appliances

18 Weatherization Assistance Program Recovery Act has allocated $5 billion to the Federal Weatherization Assistance budget, with a goal to weatherize one million homes a year. Funding must be used in the next 3 years Income Level- At or below 200% of poverty for your region –For a family of four, income eligibility is up to about $40,000!! Per Unit Assistance- new maximum of $6,500, up from instead of $3,055

19 Brought to you by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act… Recovery Act Efficiency Improvements: 30% of the cost up to $1500 Windows, Insulation, Sealing Central Air, Heat Pump, Furnace/Boiler Geothermal Pump/Solar Water Heater: 30% of the cost up to $2000 Biomass Fuel Stoves: $300 Credit Small Wind: 30% of the cost up to $4000

20 Grassroots Change Starts With You The more the public hears about efficiency and renewable energy solutions the more our energy use will change in this country. Share your energy efficiency stories and suggestions with your friends, family, and neighbors. Post your stories on or email them to

21 Host A Presentation Who do you know? –Your neighbors –PTA –Church group Set a Date and Time Invite the participants Invite a local hardware store, contractor, energy consultant Present at the meeting Follow up

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