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The What, How and Why of the Bolton Digital High School Project. Rapides Parish School Board.

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1 The What, How and Why of the Bolton Digital High School Project. Rapides Parish School Board

2 Ideas to communicate Process Technical infrastructure and instructional resources Why digital curricula Must-haves and challenges

3 is not a technology program. is the establishment of a 21 st century learning environment where students: learn to access, evaluate, communicate and make decisions with information using 21st century skills and tools. learn to think and problem solve provides most curriculum content via digital resources. is not necessarily designed to improve test scores, but rather to develop a deeper understanding of content. This is a critical idea to communicate! provides faculty, staff, and students with 1-1, 24x7 access to technology tools and curriculum resources. is a focused effort to create a world-class educational environment.

4 Communication Connect school to students, staff, community, and the world Collaboration Students work with each other, their teachers, their community and their world Content Provide information, resources, and experiences students need to be successful Creativity The school as a center for critical thinking, exploration, and innovation Assessment Authentic 21 st century that measures how well students think

5 Students are working individually or in small teams to solve engaging problems or answer compelling questions. They are synthesizing their own experience, ideas from the [teacher], and sources that they can find on the Web. The teacher has come down from the lectern and is moving throughout the room, watching what students are doing, asking questions, posing challenges … Periodically the action is stopped. The teacher instructs the class to close their laptops,… They talk. They share their insights, their solutions, and their obstacles. The Socratic exchange is fueled by the insights developed through electronic inquiry. The powerful face- to-face questioning isn't competing with the laptops; instead, it depends on it. (John Overmyer, Laptops in the classroom: Mend it, dont end it.,

6 Juniors, seniors, and GT classes in fall 9th and 10th grades in January Core courses are all digital New teaching strategies All-digital content Community hotspots Internet cafe Campus-wide wireless On-site repair center 600+ laptops Asset recovery device Assignments posted and graded in digital environment Full parental involvement with content and assignments

7 Meeting in New Orleans - Summer 2006 Bolton uniquely qualified for two grants - Virtue Foundation grant of 160 Mac iBook notebook computers Award of a $ 220,000 LADOE HiTech grant Meeting with staff and faculty Visit to Empire High School, Az Visited with superintendent, faculty, and students Observed classes Beginnings

8 Faculty meetings to share vision, process, and timeline Teachers received laptops Early spring - placed wireless carts at school with two instructional technology facilitators Teachers taught with labs Staff development Met with parents Spring/summer curriculum development

9 Wireless/server infrastructure Built on-site repair center Ordered all materials/equipment Developed Board-approved laptop agreement Met with community representatives regarding community hotspots Purchased Lojack Imaged 300 comp uters the week before school started Distributed laptops with student/parent training Continuing teacher PD with on-site instructional facilitator to support instruction

10 All remaining teachers receive notebooks and basic Mac PD Facilitators work with 9th and 10th grade teachers with two new wireless carts during fall semester 9th and 10th grade students receive laptops and training Facilitators continue to work with all teachers and students through the spring semester

11 Managed 3Com wireless network 55 access points - campus -wide Redundant management switches Intel-based MacBook computers Apple xServe with Remote Desktop RAID 1 Students computers locked down except for document and desktop space Student data is backed up to server on login and logout Mobile content filter Full-time on-site repair center with spares

12 Not simply textbooks on disk Subscription-based curriculum content ABC-CLIO for social studies Gizmos for science Non-subscription Internet resources Content software Geometers Sketchpad and Fathom for math and statistics Debate master Office, Inspiration Management Blackboard Gaggle filtered student email Mobile content filtering Projectors in all rooms Whiteboards growing in number


14 Relevant 21 st century content and environment Textbooks and technology support only incremental change - things may improve, but stay basically the same (recent articles on pulling the plug on laptop programs) Technology and a total digital environment facilitate a transformation of the teaching process and students thinking processes. Efficient and effective Students have access to totally up-to-date and relevant content Teachers can choose the best resources available for a given topic

15 Today, State Standards are the curriculum. High stakes tests demand the standards be taught. Traditional resources have a hard time keeping up with the information explosion. Digital resources are much more responsive to change.

16 Superintendent support Board support (critical to financing project) School support - particularly administrative Committed teachers Community support Clear vision that gets communicated Superintendent support Instructional technology support Technical support (on-site a must) Vendor support - particularly hardware/wireless Solid technical infrastructure Clear expectations and consequences for misuse Safeguards and monitoring against misuse Superintendent support

17 Tuning wireless and other technical challenges

18 The prevalent initial concern of loss, theft, or damage probably wont happen Time Funds for sustainability Laptop safety, repair, damage responsibility New discipline challenges Teacher change Curriculum development A new paradigm for everyone

19 Laptops Apple xServ Wireless networking 512 usb sticks Computrace 8e6 mobile filter Projectors Printers Miscellaneous power strips, screens, etc Avermedia document cameras Whiteboards (3 and growing) ABC-CLIO subscription Geometers Sketchpad Gaggle email Gizmos Debate Master Algebra and Calculus in Motion Fathom TurnIt In Office Inspiration Printers

20 ???






26 Portions of this PowerPoint courtesy of Calvin Baker, Superintendent of Vail School District, AZ.

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