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Indus Valley River Civilization Artifacts

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1 Indus Valley River Civilization Artifacts

2 What is an Artifact? An artifact is an object made by a human, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.

3 Our Artifact Project Since you have been researching the Indus Valley culture, you will now be creating your own artifacts. You will be creating artifacts to represent the information you discovered about the Indus Valley River Civilization.

4 The artifacts you make DO NOT have to be actual Indus Valley “artifacts.”
For example, just because the Indus River IS NOT considered an “artifact,” you are still permitted to create your own artifact of this physical feature or others like it. However, you can also create your own artifacts of actual Indus Valley artifacts.

5 Artifact Requirements
1.) One artifact must represent the location (coordinates or comparison to the present-day Indus Valley). 2.) One artifact must represent the memories or symbolism attached to the Indus Valley Civilization (Place). 3.) One artifact must represent an example of the Indus Civilization’s human-environment interactions (how people modified the environment for their benefit). 4.) One artifact must represent movement displayed within the Indus Valley Civilization (communication or transportation of people/goods). 5.) One artifact must represent the Indus Valley Civilization region. 6). Individually, each partner must create one more artifact representing anything interesting from the Indus Valley Civilization.

6 Artifact Requirements
Overall, your group will have seven artifacts. You must use the resources provided to you in class. Be creative!!! Once you finish your artifacts, you will share them with the other groups. The final day of our unit, you will be trading your artifacts with other groups. GOOD LUCK! 

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