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Light 1. What thing reflects the most light?. A Mirror.

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1 Light 1. What thing reflects the most light?

2 A Mirror

3 Light 2. Name all the colors of the visible spectrum in order. * ROY G. BIV

4 Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

5 Light 3. If you shine a light DIRECTLY at a mirror, what will happen to the light?

6 It will bounce straight back.

7 Light 4. Why does an object APPEAR as a certain color?

8 That color is reflected back into your eyes and the other colors are absorbed.

9 Light 5. When light passes through a prism, many colors appear. What are the colors called?

10 A visible spectrum.

11 Light 6. What type of material allows SOME light to pass through, but creates a blurry or fuzzy image when you look through it at an object?

12 Translucent

13 Light 7. What can be seen in space BECAUSE of reflected light?

14 The moon

15 Light 8. What is the bouncing back of light, from a surface called?

16 Reflection

17 Light 9. A substance which light can NOT pass through is an __________ object.

18 Opaque

19 Light 10. A material through which objects can be seen CLEARLY is an ___________ object.

20 Transparent

21 Light 11. A person can stay cooler in light colored clothing because light colors do what?

22 Reflect light

23 Light 12. Light that has been TAKEN in as heat energy is ____________.

24 Absorbed

25 Light 13. When light Bends as it passes from one material to another, we call it what?

26 Refraction

27 Light 14. How does light travel?

28 In very fast, straight lines called rays.

29 Light 15. Why do some objects cast a shadow?

30 Opaque objects block light.

31 Light 16. Which color absorbs the MOST heat energy?

32 Black

33 Light 17. When all of the colors of light are mixed together, it is called what kind of light?

34 White light

35 Light 18. Galileo was the first person to use an OPTICAL INSTRUMENT to study the sky. What was the optical instrument that he used?

36 A telescope

37 Light 19. The film inside of a camera is able to record images. This happens because the film is sensitive to ___________.

38 Light energy

39 Light 20. In the 1600’s, Anton Van Leewenhoek was a lens maker. What did his job help him do?

40 A microscope

41 Light 21. Why does a pencil in a glass of water appear BENT or BROKEN?

42 Light has refracted off of it.

43 Light 22. How are rainbows created?

44 The light refracts off of the raindrops.

45 Light 23. When light passes through a ___________, the rays are bent, a rainbow is formed, and different colors bend at different angles.

46 A prism

47 Light 24. What did Ben Franklin create that we still use today?

48 Bifocal lenses

49 Light 25. How long does it take light from the sun to reach the Earth?

50 About 8 ½ minutes

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