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1 Light

2 Light Light is essential for life. We need light to survive.
We need light to see. We use light as a warning, such as flashing red lights or an emergency exit sign.

3 Light Light is an important source of heat.
The Sun’s light (solar energy) is the main source of heat for Earth. Light from the Sun helps plants make their food (photosynthesis).

4 Light Another source of light is from light bulbs.
Light bulbs allow us to see when there is no sunlight. Other light sources include fires, candles, flashlights, and lightning.

5 Light Light can be reflected (bounce off a smooth surface) or absorbed (taken in). Objects vary to the extent they absorb and reflect light energy. Sometimes, it bends when it passes through certain substances. This is called refraction.

6 Light Light travels in a straight line. The path the light takes is called a ray.

7 Light Light can be broken into colors (visible light) if a beam of light is passed through a prism or drop of water. The ray of colors appears in the same order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, (indigo), and violet.

8 Pictures courtesy of Micro soft clip art
Light Pictures courtesy of Micro soft clip art

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