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2 Civil Registration and Vital statistic system in Viet Nam Civil register and Vital statistic systems Ministry of Public security General Statistic Office Ministry of Justice Ministry of Health

3 GENERAL STATISTIC OFFICE  Legal framework  Laws on Statistics  Decision issued by Prime Minister (in 2010) on National Statistical indicators system  Decision issued by Prime Minister (in 2012) approving the program of National statistic surveys

4 GENERAL STATISTIC OFFICE  Ministry of Planning and Investment makes economic – social development plan based on population data which is public and estimated by GSO  Population data is basis to allocate budget for provinces

5 GENERAL STATISTIC OFFICE  Sources of Data  Annual population change survey provide indicator on population, birth, death, migration (sample survey)  Census conducted in 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009. The 2009 census provided population data to communal

6 GENERAL STATISTIC OFFICE  Public data  Socio – economic report monthly, quaterly including number of population, labor force, employment and unemployment  Year book  The 2009 census data warehouse  Annual Population survey data warehouse from 2000 - 2012:  Processing in build meta data for all survey and census

7 GENERAL STATISTIC OFFICE  3. Advantages - If all the events are registered adequately, this documents will provide an information with higher sufficient and correction than enumeration in surveys. - The information good for both law and statistics purposes.

8 GENERAL STATISTIC OFFICE 4. Infrastructure  Central level: GSO  Provincial level : PSO  District level: DSO  Data save by hard copy and data file. 5. Coordination: GSO coordinating with all of Ministries to aggregate, check, and disseminate National statistic indicator system manually

9 GENERAL STATISTIC OFFICE 6. Quality assessment and assurance:  Pre-test and pilot before conducting survey  Collecting information at household is monitored by central, provincial, district statistical offices.  Processing by Informatics centrals  Verifying after the survey complete  Supporting by international consultants in designing sample, assessing designing sample error, information collecting error.

10 Ministry of Justice Company Logo  Legal framework -Decree 158/2005 issued by Government on civil registration and management. -Decree 06/2012 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the decrees on civil registration, marriage and family and certification. -2013 Circular issued by Ministry of Justice guide lining statistical profession in justice branch. -Draft Law on Civil status (expected to be passed by National Assembly in October, 2014)

11 Ministry of Justice Company Logo  Sources data - Registry books - Separate electronic civil status databases of different provinces.

12 Responsibility Art 1 – Decree 158/2005: 1. Civil status means fundamental events determining the personal status of a person from the time he/she is born to the time he/she dies. 2. Civil registration means that competent state agencies: a/ Certify the events of birth; marriage; death; child adoption; guardianship; recognition of father, mother, child; change, correction, supplement, adjustment of civil status; re-determination of gender; re- determination of ethnicity; b/ Based on decisions of competent state agencies, write in civil status books the events of determination of father, mother, child; change of citizenship; divorce; annulment of illegal marriage; termination of child adoption. Ministry of Justice

13  Coordination -With Ministry of Health: to build Circular to guide issuing Notice of birth paper, draft 2014-2020 Master plan for developing the health information system. -Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs: Provide data on: give birth register, death register, baby changing nationality -General Statistic Office: send aggregation report (with indicator in National Statistic Indicator System) -Unicef: UNICEF support for assessing giving birth register situation in some area Ministry of Justice

14  Quality assessment and assurance -MOJ printing and public across the country and oversea representative agency to use and keep long -Checking and monitoring POJ, DOJ -Building e - database and applying IT in CR system. -Complete legislation on civil registration: finalizing the draft law on Civil registration.

15  Responsibility - Management and collecting resident population in administrative unit - Immigration and Out-migration  Source of data: use for management. No public  Coordination with GSO conducting the 2009 census Ministry of Public Security

16  Prime Minister promulgated the Decree on national population database and is now in the process of collecting the necessary data.  Coverage: all population Ministry of Public Security

17 Ministry of Health  Population and family plan Agency colleting information on: live birth, death, infant death, infant mortality, maternal death….  Data source keep at central, provincial, district level  Population was public annually after GSO verifying  Coordinating with GSO collecting indicator: give birth, death, maternal death



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