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Conte Director CeGD BLAŽ GOLOB Brussels March 2011.

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1 Conte Director CeGD BLAŽ GOLOB Brussels March 2011

2 Content About CeGD (M, V, G-O, Members.) Main activities and achievements Value added of regional to national EU 2020 objectives and CeGD Key challenges Planned activities Finance

3 Vision of the CeGD CEGDs vision is to achieve the successful development of Information Society in South East Europe (SEE), that will contribute to the future development of the European continent. IS supporting the rapid development of SEE IS as a vehicle for integration with EU Confidence building, regional cooperation Mission of the CeGD Mission of the CeGD is coordination of activities, transfer of knowledge and education & research in the field of eGovernance development.

4 I.To improve efficiency, democratic and economic processes II. To support the eGovernance programs III. To foster network of programs and nodes IV. To create institutional linkages / relationships V. To bring about regional ownership CeGD objectives

5 CeGD Stakeholders Further enlargement envisioned by 2012 (up to 3 public sector and 3 private sector entities) 41 Bosses in 4 bodies / Foundation / SB, MB, PAC, PSAC

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8 CeGD 7ePillars development & Foresight inclusive approach Following the cycle of the policy process Policy environment (eGovernance as a tool) Legal framework Process & Projects ICT business solutions (good practice cases) Precondition: Research and analytical activities. Source: resources/~/media/population/Images/policy- development-cycle.ashx?w=413&h=361&as=1 Objective / Target: Narrowing the gap (solutions vs. needs).

9 Main activities and achievements eGovernance Academy events (eGov, eHealth, eDemocracy inclusive study) PPP with Microsoft – Renaissance for IS, eGov curriculum events, eHealth curr. events, eDemocracy curr. events Knowledge Sharing Platform FP VII Padgets project (Policy Gadgets Mashing Underlying Group Knowledge in Web 2.0 Media), FP VII CHANGE Bled Forum on Europe (2009-2011)


11 Planned activities eGov Academy: eGov Days May 9-11, ICT week Moldova 18-19 May, eDemocracy 25-27 Sep. in Ohrid, Macedonia, eSEE Ministerial conf. at the end of Sep Tirana WEB 2020 eLearning Platform Western Balkan 2020 Foresight project eCenters for Western Balkans Cities of the Future: European Metropolitan Growth Areas 2027 Ljubljana Forum 13-14 October 2011

12 Commitmnet of founding partners Bottom up approach Implementation of eSEE Agenda EC support to basic activities of CeGD Permanent staff versus outsourcing Balance between public and private interest, finance Balance between USA and EU (+Japan Sony & Jica) corporate key actors Key Challenges

13 Contacts Contact: +386 41 734 734

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