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Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,1 WRC 2007 agenda item 1.6 Work plan for Additional aviation spectrum allocation for AM®S Presented by C. Pelmoine, EUROCONTROL.

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1 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,1 WRC 2007 agenda item 1.6 Work plan for Additional aviation spectrum allocation for AM®S Presented by C. Pelmoine, EUROCONTROL

2 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,2 Plan of the presentation Objective of aviation for a new AM(R)S allocation Related activities Proposal for ITU WRC 2007 deliverables Time scale

3 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,3 Progress status on AI 1.6 work plan SOFREAVIA awarded a contract to assist EUROCONTROL for defining a work plan related to WRC07 AI 1.6 activities. This presentation provides the outcomes of discussion on the on-going activity Work Package Approach and Strategy Work Package Definition of Deliverables Work Package activities, time scale

4 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,4 Objective of civil aviation Ensure that adequate spectrum allocation will be available by 2010 onward in order to implement future complementary mobile air/ground communication services in highly congested areas within Europe and North America to face with the continuous and persistent saturation of the existing AM(R)S spectrum allocation.

5 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,5 Objective of civil aviation (Cont) To meet this objective, the civil aviation shall elaborate and present at ITU WRC strong arguments for allocation of new spectrum for AM(R)S, hinging on: The introduction of new mobile communication services as complement to the existing ones in existing aviation allocations if feasible In case the use of existing aeronautical allocation is not feasible, identify and justify new aviation spectrum

6 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,6 Objective of European ATC At the current stage of the process, the EUROCONTROL view is : To develop a terrestrial cellular based solution on a new allocation. This solution could be more limited to congested areas. This component is the main requirement made by civil aviation for ATC purpose. To develop a satellite based technology on the spectrum available in 1.5/1.6 GHz using as far as possible existing development. For the ITU WRC 2007, the civil aviation request for ATC purpose shall focus on an additional allocation specifically for a terrestrial system

7 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,7 Activities related to the WRC07 AI 1.6 preparation They are of the following natures: Operational (requirements), Technical (system architecture), Spectrum management. For all domains, activities shall be started ASAP

8 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,8 Synoptic of activities Technical Activities: General architecture studies: Transition issues study Target AMRS scenario definition Spectrum management Activities : Definition of spectrum requirements Operational Requirement Activities Consolidation Technical Activities: General technology assessment Modulation techniques assessment and definition of initial spectrum requirements Definition of solution selection criteria Spectrum constraints definition Spectrum management Activities : General Spectrum assessment Sharing scenario study Definition of the sharing criteria

9 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,9 Activities of the Operational domain To clarify more accurately the need to satisfy capacity for 2015, taking into account the evolution of the ATM environment in congested areas like Western Europe. The activities are: a)Identification of ATC requirements, that cannot be satisfied for 2015 within the existing VHF AM(R)S band, taking into account the ATM evolutions b)Identification of AOC requirements that can be satisfied with the implementation of the AM(R)S with respect to ATC requirements,

10 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,10 Activities of the Operational domain (Cont) c)Identification of potential communication security requirements from the current situation analysis & the vulnerability of the current communication system. d)Initial consideration on the operational implementation strategy to be applied: Areas where frequency congestion is the highest? Which type of airspace? Using an air-carriage mandate?

11 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,11 General architecture studies a)Based on the findings of the operational activities regarding the nature and definition of the need, develop an operational concept and operating mode for the new services: –identification of the required performances of the communication system to support the identified services -identification of the safety requirements that the system must meet b)Identification of possible system/network architectures alternatives c)(If time prior WRC07 allows) Identification of the avionics architecture constraints on-board aircraft: -Antenna implementation, -Electromagnetic compatibility costing issues taking into account the other critical avionics equipment, -Implementation and running costs -Crew Human machine interface potential issues.

12 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,12 Technology assessment studies a)Telecommunication technologies assessment: Assessment of suitable state-of the-art telecommunication technologies for their applicability to the aeronautical context in terms of advantages and drawbacks –Narrow / Wide band operation, –Channel access methods and channel management: TDMA (Time division multiple access), CDMA (Code division multiplex access)..., b) Assessment of the specific spectrum requirement associated with the possible telecommunication technologies

13 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,13 Selection of the AM(R)S target system a)Definition of selection criteria for the evaluation of the various solutions: operational suitability, technical benefits and overall implementation cost. The definition of the selection criteria shall start very early. b)Characterisation of the spectrum constraints, positioning in the global spectrum, identification of the band that could be or could not be suitable to support the new services. c)Study of the transition issues raised by the implementation of the solutions. d)Selection of a target scenario based on one or more system/network alternatives with the spectrum requirement characterisation

14 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,14 Spectrum management activities a)For each existing aviation allocation, review of usage in order to establish the foreseen evolution within the next 10 years. The conclusion of this task is the European Aeronautical Table of Spectrum Allocation and Requirements. It will constitute one key deliverable for WRC 07 as the justification of the existing allocations and the demonstration for the need of a new allocation. b)Sharing scenarios study: for each existing aeronautical allocation when the level of usage is not too high, evaluate the possibility of sharing. This study will mainly focus on the susceptibility of the existing system operating within the existing allocation. The result of this task is also a key element of the evidence to be presented at WRC to justify a new allocation.

15 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,15 Spectrum management activities c)Sharing criteria definition: in case the sharing is foreseen as possible, provide the initial feasibility of sharing compatibility and identify the sharing criteria to be implemented with the safety margin to be applied to both services. d)Definition of the spectrum requirements: finally, based on the finding of operational and technical tasks, identify the spectrum requirements in term of bandwidth and spectrum location constraints.

16 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,16 Proposal for deliverables for ITU WRC 2007 Document 1:High level System Description Document Document 2: Spectrum requirements Document 3: Aeronautical Table of Spectrum Allocation, Current usage and future Requirements Document 4:Implementation Schedule

17 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,17 Doc.1: High level System Description –Describe the targeted operational concept and operating mode for AM(R)S services. –Provide a high level description of the system architecture, –Identify the main components of the system from a functional standpoint, –Provide a description of the physical layer characteristics as it is a basic key input when justifying the spectrum requirement

18 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,18 Doc.2: Spectrum requirements The operational scenario to calculate the basic parameters such density of radio stations, density of users, traffic communication, … The spectrum required for the implementation of the new communication component. In annexes the used methodology, various assumptions taken to calculate the spectrum size, the detailed calculation. The first description of potential sharing criteria (i.e. compatibility study results and safety margins, legal agreement proposal) The results of the analysis of the existing allocation usage and the identification of the potential possibilities to introduce in sharing communication component(s)

19 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,19 Doc.3: Aeronautical Table of Spectrum Allocation, Current usage and future Requirements This document shall describe, for each band, the current and the planned usage of allocation. The executive summary of this document must clearly indicate in which existing allocation(s), the communication component(s) could be potentially introduced.

20 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,20 Doc.4: Implementation Schedule Schedule for the deployment of the new communication component(s) in terms of time and geography. Various phases of deployment from the design to the start of operation with specific emphasis on the airspace strategy for a phased introduction. Consistent with the date of ITU allocation of the requested spectrum allocation to be sure the usage of the allocated spectrum is effective. The transition elements shall be introduced in the schedule

21 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,21 Working documents –The working documents are the whole set of documents that must be produced in order to support the elaboration of the ITU deliverable documents. –Draft version of the deliverable documents –Specific studies reports required to the definition of the system from an operational or technical standpoint. (Working doc)

22 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,22 Working Document list proposal 1.Review of AM(R)S operational requirements document 2. Comparison of solutions, selection of the architecture 3. Draft AM(R)S System Description 4.Draft European Aeronautical Table of Spectrum Allocation and Requirements 5.Draft AM(R)S spectrum requirements 6.Sharing criteria definition 7.Sharing compatibility study results 8.Draft AM(R)S Implementation Schedule

23 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,23 Documents Relationship AMRS spectrum requirements AM(R)S operational requirements document European Aeronautical Table of Spectrum Allocation and Requirements AMRS Implementation Schedule Draft AMRS Implementation Schedule WRC Deliverables Result of comparison of the alternative solutions AMRS high level System Description Document Sharing criteria definition document Sharing compatibility study results Draft European Aeronautical Table of Spectrum Allocation and Requirements Draft AMRS Systems Description Document Draft AMRS spectrum requirements

24 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,24 ICAO ACP WGC Work plan Technology Interest Group (TIG)- Philippe Renaud WG- C 7 ( April 2004-Montreal): Deliverable: Overview of candidate technologies, Selection Criteria Requirement Interest Group (RIG) – Brent Phillips WG-C7 (April 2004- Montreal) : Deliverable: Communication requirements, 2020 Applications Spectrum Interest Group (SIG)- Mike Biggs WG-C-7 (April 2004- Montreal) ; Deliverable- Strategy Institutional matters--K van den Boogaard

25 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,25 ICAO ACP WGC schedule WG-C8 (October 2004) WG- C9 (April 2005) WG-C8 (October 2004) WG-C9 (April 2005) WG-C10 (October 2005) WG-C11 (April 2006) WG-C12 (Oct 2006) WG-C13( April 2007) WG-C14 (Oct 2008) Communication Traffic demand Spectrum Requirements (Submission to WG-F) Assessment of Recommended Technologies Selection of Technology Initiation of standardization System definition First Draft SARPs Initiate SARPs validation Validated SARPs to be recommended for adoption.

26 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,26 Time scale WGC plan is not realistic (SARPs in 2006 !) and not streamlined with ITU time scale The process for preparation to ITU WRC is complex and short-term regarding the extend of activities. The time scale for aviation shall be made compatible between the different aviation actors. Next step is the work Package Activities, time scale to rationalise the schedule and interdependency between tasks

27 Feb 2004ICAO ACP WGF,27 Conclusions Questions ? WGF to review the draft WGC plan Provide Feedback Contact point within EUROCONTROL:

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