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1 Marinus C. F. Heijl Acting Director Air Navigation Bureau ICAO 30 March 2007 SYMPOSIUM OUTCOMES AND THE WAY FORWARD.

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1 1 Marinus C. F. Heijl Acting Director Air Navigation Bureau ICAO 30 March 2007 SYMPOSIUM OUTCOMES AND THE WAY FORWARD

2 2 Presentation outline Review of the week What we learned The way forward Secretariat follow-up Participants follow-up Whats next?

3 3 Review of the week Day 1: High level introductions to set the framework Day 2: Operational Performance Day 3: Economic and Management Performance Day 4: Systems performance Day 5: The way forward

4 4 Keynote highlights The emphasis on performance comes from the growing reality of corporatized air navigation services and the pressure for greater accountability It is important that all regions gradually reach equivalent levels in performance management Global harmonization is critical if we are to establish a global performance-based air traffic management system We need a seamless system, and that means working together to standardize and develop a consistent way to measure performance

5 5 Summary of day 1 High level introductions to set the framework Review of the air navigation system Transition to a global air navigation system Global Air Navigation Plan Global Aviation Safety Plan

6 6 Summary of day 1 Operational performance Setting Performance objectives Performance based transition Meeting expectations Economic and Management Performance Productivity measures and governance User charges Systems performance Communications, navigation, surveillance Safety performance Measuring safety Data collection and analysis Acceptable levels of safety

7 7 Measuring performance by meeting expectations Capacity Cost-effectiveness Efficiency Environment Flexibility Global interoperability Access and equity Participation Predictability Safety Security Summary of day 1

8 8 Performance Hierarchy Initially defined in Global ATM Operational Concept Layers represent different views of the ATM system Allows tracing of performance impact Changes at lower levels impact next layer above Leads to expectations Helps understand and communicate performance case Level 1: Political and Socio-Economic Requirements Level 2: Expectations - RASP Level 3: ATM Component Functionality - RTSP Level 4: System Requirements (e.g., RNP, RCP) Level 5: Technologies (incl. standards, specifications) Summary of day 2

9 9 Performance based transition Step 1 Expectations, performance objectives Step 2 Performance gaps Step 3 ATM operational concept Operational improvements (Global Plan) Implementation

10 10 Summary of day 2 Acceptable levels of safety Safety performance indicators Safety performance targets Implementation of performance based systems NextGen SESAR

11 11 Stakeholders perspective Collaborative decision making Cooperation Work together to establish performance indicators Summary of day 2

12 12 Summary of day 3 Economic and management performance measurement applies to all ANSPs, large or small, regardless of the form of ANSPs governance/ownership

13 13 Summary of day 3 Common understanding on minimum reporting requirements – four main areas: Safety Quality of service (such as capacity, delay and flight efficiency) Productivity Cost-effectiveness

14 14 Summary of day 3 Taking into account local/regional circumstances, establish key, high level, value-added indicators that are: developed in consultation with users based on reliable information relevant focused on results, not on process

15 15 Summary of day 3 Optional guidelines on economic and management performance in ICAOs document Performance Management and Measurement for Air Navigation Services Providers is available on the Symposium Web site

16 16 Summary of day 3 Economic and management performance of ANSPs is to be addressed by the Conference on the Economics of Airports and Air Navigation Services (CEANS) – September 2008

17 17 Summary of day 4 Performance Based Navigation Final draft PBN manual on ICAO-NET State Letter with all navigation specifications (April 2007) Introduction to PBN Seminars Ten seminars from June 2007 to June 2008

18 18 Performance-based communications and surveillance RCP type specifies communication transaction time, continuity, availability, integrity RCP manual on ICAO-NET Standards for Annexes 6 and 11 The RSP framework shows a set of RSP values, each of which is associated with set figures for: Accuracy, availability, integrity, latency, update rate, continuity, coverage Panel work programme to progress RSP Summary of day 4

19 19 A performance-driven approach to safety requires Data Just Culture A measurement system Analysis capability Key Performance Indicators A fully functioning SMS Summary of day 4

20 20 The way forward - ICAO Advance the performance work in the operational, technical, safety and economic areas Secure global interoperability between major air navigation initiatives (SESAR-NexGen) and remaining regions Develop and promote minimum reporting requirements for ANSPs on performance Develop a methodology to measure the eleven expectations (KPAs) Develop guidance to facilitate collaborative decision making Accelerate PBN implementation Progress the above with governing bodies

21 21 The way forward - participants Implement RNAV and RNP in accordance with the PBN concept Use the Global Air Navigation Plan in performance based transition planning Collaborate on establishing performance indicators ANSPs to measure and report on performance Use the ICAO KPAs for performance management States implement Safety Programmes and establish acceptable levels of safety Service providers, aircraft operators, aerodromes and maintenance organizations implement safety management systems Use the Global Aviation Safety Plan to meet safety performance objectives

22 22 Global performance management? Performance framework performance targets performance measurement reporting mechanisms performance review transparency and public disclosure Global mechanism?

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