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GRIB Visualization of data

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1 GRIB Visualization of data
GRIB Web Pages Lauren Reid, Met Office, WAFSOPSG Paris 14-15th September 2009 © Crown copyright Met Office

2 Contents Introduction History High at a Glance
This presentation covers the following areas Introduction History High at a Glance High Level Medium Level Single Field Visualization © Crown copyright Met Office

3 Introduction © Crown copyright Met Office

4 History WAFSOPSG Conclusion 4/14: That, concerning the introduction of gridded forecasts of turbulence, icing and cumulonimbus (CB) clouds, the WAFC Provider States be invited to: Design the gridded forecasts with a high “at a glance” value; Note. ─ The gridded forecasts do not have to replicate the existing SIGWX forecasts; however, they must provide the same ease of use. And, WAFSOPSG Conclusion 4/20 — That, the WAFS Provider States, in coordination with the WAFSOPSG Members from IATA and IFALPA, be invited to proceed with the development of a web-based interface (one from each WAFC) for the provision of a minimum set of WAFS charts. © Crown copyright Met Office

5 The new service will Provide objective gridded forecasts of icing, turbulence and cumulonimbus clouds, derived from GRIB 2 formatted data, for intended use in flight documentation. Once operational, conform to guidance in Doc 9855, Guidelines on the Use of the Public Internet for Aeronautical Applications and the Guidelines on the authorized access to WAFS forecasts (Appendix 1 to the Doc 8896, Manual of Aeronautical Meteorological Practice; and Be targeted primarily at the least developed countries, which may not be in a position to convert the GRIB and/or BUFR coded forecasts into chart form. © Crown copyright Met Office

6 This has been interpreted by the WAFCs as a requirement to generate:
Charts that will replace the current manually generated SIGWX charts that contain similar information and retain the high 'at a glance' value of the current SIGWX charts A set of charts displaying single fields of Icing, Turbulence and CB, primarily aimed at LDC (Least Developed Countries) states. © Crown copyright Met Office

7 © Crown copyright Met Office

8 High at a Glance Display several fields which could be used in much the same way as a SigWx chart Standard ICAO projections T+6 through to T+36 a 3h intervals There are no Volcanic Ash or TC warnings on the following examples Could be included, however there may be issues with the date stamps and data accuracy © Crown copyright Met Office

9 High Level HG-SWH FL All CB horizontal extent with a cloud top at or above FL250 CAT, representing summation of fields between FL300 and FL390 (300, 250, and 200hPa) Wind fleches showing wind speed 80kt or over at FL340 There is also the option to show areas of very low temperatures, height of the CB tops and the maximum wind speed and its height © Crown copyright Met Office

10 © Crown copyright Met Office

11 © Crown copyright Met Office

12 © Crown copyright Met Office

13 Medium Level HG-SWM FL100-250
All CB horizontal extent with a cloud top at or above FL100 (700hPa) Icing at FL100 (700hPa) Wind fleches showing wind speed 60kt and greater at FL240 (400hPa) All ICAO standard areas plus EUR © Crown copyright Met Office

14 © Crown copyright Met Office

15 Single Field Visualisation
It is envisaged that some countries will not have the computing facilities available to view the GRIB data Charts of ICAO regions will be produced for T+6 every 3h to T+36 for CAT, CB, Icing and any of the other GRIB fields that may be of interest These will be gifs (or pngs or jpeg etc) available on the Internet © Crown copyright Met Office

16 CAT 6 Levels 400 to 150hPa © Crown copyright Met Office

17 Icing 6 levels to 300hPa © Crown copyright Met Office

18 CB extent CB top CB base © Crown copyright Met Office

19 Discussion What else is required? Detailed user requirement need
Colours Contours (thresholds and style) Min and max thresholds Content (parameters on different types of chart) Will we even generate these charts? © Crown copyright Met Office

20 Questions and answers © Crown copyright Met Office

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