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Frequency Management In Europe Presented by John Mettrop

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1 Frequency Management In Europe Presented by John Mettrop
UK CAA/FMG Chairman (Press)

2 Who Are The FMG? European State Aeronautical Frequency/Spectrum Managers 54 States within EANPG Area Neighbouring States Additional States/Organisation on Request (IATA, SITA, ARINC, IFALPA, US, Canada) Meets once a Year Representation from approximately States 2 Sub-Groups Study Group Block Planning Group

3 Where Does the FMG fit Within ICAO

4 How Does the FMG fit with Other European Organisations
EUROCONTROL ICAO SFCG Spectrum Frequency Consultation Group SMG Spectrum Management Group FMG Frequency Management Group

5 FMG Responsibilities European ICAO Spectrum Management
Frequency Management Planning Criteria Co-ordination Procedures Planning and Co-ordination of the Following Systems:- NDB ILS VOR VHF Comms DME/TACAN MLS

6 FMG Tools/Databases Tools Databases
MANIF (Day to Day Frequency Planning Programme) PLANIF(Batch Frequency Planning Programme) (SAFIRE) (Co-ordination Tool) Databases COM 2 VHF Comms (8.33 & 25 kHz, ACARS, VDL Modes 2&4) ≈ 12,000 Assignments COM 3 Nav Systems (ILS, VOR, DME, MLS) ≈ 3,700 Entries COM 4 NDB ≈ 1,500 Assignments

7 Frequency Co-ordination
Requirement for a new assignment Requesting State sends proposal to all States concerned Requesting State negotiates details of the proposal Any objection(s) received ? Requesting State withdraws the proposal Yes Yes No Requesting State sends SUM to ICAO and all States concerned Requesting State starts implementation ICAO registers assignment

8 Block Planning Meeting
STATES Send their requirements to ARB Secretariat States 1)Delete shift options which are noty acceptable 2)Delete proposals which cannot be implemented ARB Prioritise the list of requirements 4 weeks Block Planning Meeting 1) Review results of previous meeting 2) Delete rejected shift options out 2nd planning run 3) Investigate options for failed requirements Eurocontrol Prepare planning database 1 week Eurocontrol Carry out a planning run & send results to States States Co-ordinate and register proposals

9 Recent Issues MLS Spectrum Requirements
Interference from Cordless Phones Mobile Phones on Aircraft Expansion of 8.33 kHz Introduction of VDL Prolonged loss of Communications DME Congestion etc

10 Further Information EUR Frequency Management Manual ICAO Paris Office Robert Kruger Chairman John Mettrop

11 Questions?

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