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Eulsoo Seo Counseller, SMEs Division, WIPO

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1 Eulsoo Seo Counseller, SMEs Division, WIPO

2 2 Traditional Teaching Methods 2 Few students Impractical Boring Non-participating

3 33 Characteristics of IP PANORAMA Storytelling Each module is designed based on a practical story regarding IP Animation IP PANORAMA is developed with full animation. IP for Business IP PANORAMA deals with IP issues from a business perspective. Guaranteed Quality The World Intellectual Property Organization and the Korean Intellectual Property Office guaranteed the quality of learning content of IP PANORAMA. E-learning multimedia toolkit Electronically supported learning tool which is operable with Internet Explorer

4 44 Contents of IP PANORAMA Previous modules Module 1 : Importance of IP for SMEs Module 2 : Trademarks and Industrial Designs Module 3 : Inventions and Patents Module 4 : Trade secrets Module 5 : Copyright and Related rights Module 6 : Patent Information Module 7 : Licensing of IP Module 8 : IP in the Digital Economy Module 9 : IP and International Trade Module 10 : IP Audit New modules Module 11 : IP Valuation Module 12 : Trademark Licensing

5 55 How to Access to IP PANORAMA Online: Out of Charge -IP PANORAMA portal website, see at http://www.ippanorama.com -WIPO SME website, see at -Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA)s e-learning website, see at http://global.ipacademy.net CD-ROMs: Free -Operable with Internet Explorer Book: Free -Only for learning points of each module

6 66 Components of Each Module Learning Flow Introduction Inside the story Reflection Todays issue People in the story Story scenes Learning Point More References Quiz Self-reflection Journal Heart-to-Heart Talk

7 77 Module 2: Trademarks and Industrial Designs

8 88 Development History of IP PANORAMA (1) Joint Project amongst WIPO, KIPO and KIPA -WIPO: Manuscript, validation and quality check -KIPO: Finance (more than CHF 500,000) and quality check -KIPA: Producer as a technical partner Ownership -All rights jointly owned by WIPO and KIPO

9 99 Development History of IP PANORAMA (1) 2003 -Discussed development of e-learning multimedia on IP in business based on texts of WIPO SMEs Division, funded by KIPO 2004 -Singed a Joint Development Agreement among WIPO, KIPO, and developed a module 1 as a prototype 2005 - 06 -Developed modules 2 – 10 in cooperation with WIPO, KIPO and KIPA

10 10 Development History of IP PANORAMA (2) 2007 -Officially released at the WIPO General Assembly 2008 ~ -Further developed two more modules IP Valuation; and Trademark Licensing -Distribution of CD-ROMs, Customization and localization of IP PANORAMA -Developing one more module: Franchising

11 11 Development Process (English version) Manuscript (by WIPO) Building up an instructional design strategy (by KIPA) Synopsis With Learning contents Analysis (by KIPA) Synopsis examination (by WIPO, KIPO) Restructured Manuscript (by KIPA) Scenario (by KIPA) Storyboard (by KIPA) Storyboard examination (by WIPO, KIPO) Characters, Basic designs (by KIPA) Contents development (by KIPA) Quality Check (by WIPO, KIPO) Contents modification (by KIPA) End Narration script & recording (by KIPA) Expert committee Evaluation committee Translation into Korean Translation into English Translation into English Building up the detailed instructional design strategy

12 12 Customization Types of IP PANORAMA (1) Type A customization (Full customization): Everything in local language Type B customization: Dialogues (sound) still in English, but subtitles (narration text) and other texts in local language. Type C customization: Dialogues and subtitles still in English, but all other text in local language. Type D customization: Everything in the multimedia remains in English, but all texts are published in local language in a separate book, accompanying the English CD-ROM version. Type E customization: Everything remains in English, and only some texts (heart to heart talk, learning points and multiple choice questions) are published in local language in a separate book, accompanying the English CD-ROM version.

13 13 Customization Types of IP PANORAMA (2) Development Finalization Translation Graphic design, Text Sound effect, subtitles Animation Programming Developing e-learning content Creating Arabic storyboard and narration script based on the English storyboard and narration script Quality check & Technical test Modification & Completion Narration recording (in Egypt) Proofreading & examination of the translated storyboard and narration script Modification of original version

14 14 Customization Types of IP PANORAMA (3) -Arabic in 2009 -French and Spanish are being developed this year -Russian will be developed next year Local language Versions -Thai version was developed in 2009 -Hungarian was developed, and Vietnamese and Swahili versions are being developed this year -Indian, Polish and Serbian versions are in consideration UN Official Language Versions

15 15 Use of IP PANORAMA in Korea -Obligatory course for new IP attorney - 2007 : 65 attorneys, 2008 : 201, 2009 : 201 Special course for IP attorney -On-line course and an off-line course based on IP PANORAMA, see at -Credit courses for students of Engineering, Law, and International Relations -2007: 169 students, 2008: 813 students Academic course in university -POSCO, SAMSUNG Electronics, HYUNDAI Motors, etc Internal Use by Big Company

16 16 Eulsoo Seo Counsellor, SMEs Division, WIPO

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