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Fostering worldwide interoperabilityGeneva, 13-16 July 2009 IEEE Overview & Update Dr. W. Charlton Adams President IEEE Standards Association Global Standards.

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1 Fostering worldwide interoperabilityGeneva, 13-16 July 2009 IEEE Overview & Update Dr. W. Charlton Adams President IEEE Standards Association Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) 14 DOCUMENT #:GSC14-PLEN-080 FOR:Information Sharing Subject SOURCE:IEEE AGENDA ITEM:10 CONTACT(S)

2 Executive Summary IEEE is the worlds largest technical professional society, with over 376,000 members in over 160 countries, grouped into geographic and technical areas reflecting where members live and work. There are 44 technical societies and councils which represent the wide range of technical interests in the IEEE. IEEE holds more than 900 international conferences annually and publishes over 30% of the worlds literature in its fields. There are more than 1.7 million documents in the IEEE/IET Electronic Library, including more than 900 active industry standards and nearly 1,300 standards and projects under development. IEEE has been developing standards for 115+ years. IEEE standards reflect the standardization principles as stated by the WTO, and the IEEE-SA has a leading contemporary intellectual property policy. It encourages its membership to participate in standardization activities, for the benefit of their industries and the public good. IEEEs technical professionals work in a global marketplace where national boundaries are often a secondary issue. In fields where IEEE work has already been done, it encourages international and regional standards bodies to consider using IEEE standards as the source of technical information. It has been a long standing IEEE policy to harmonize work with other SDOs when possible to eliminate duplication of effort and speed the development of international standards. A review of the high-interest areas of GSC-14 indicates a large amount (80%) of common areas with IEEE. The following slides provide detail. 2

3 IEEE-SA Updates IEEE-SA approved the industry's first standard for Broadband Over Power Lines: IEEE 1675, IEEE Standard for Broadband Over Powerline Hardware. Provides testing and verification standards for the commonly used hardware, primarily couplers, for BPL installations, and provides suggested installation methods to supplement a utility's or contractor's installation procedures. IEEE Std 1650-2005, IEEE Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes approved for adoption as an IEC/IEEE Dual Logo Document (IEC 62624). World's first motor vehicle black box data security standard begun at IEEE; Intended to enhance both highway safety and consumer protection. New work has begun on IEEE P1616a in order to help prevent data tampering, VIN theft, and odometer fraud. IEEE Approved Seven New Health Informatics Standards. The standards have been created within the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards addressing the interoperability of medical devices. These new standards will help guide the manufacturers of health-care devices in creating equipment for the secure creation and transmission of electronic health-care information.

4 IEEE-SA Recent Agreements Joint development with IEC Addition of SC 31 Sensor Technology to ISO PSDO agreement MOU with CESI (China Electronics Standardization Institute) MOU with KEA (Korea Electric Association) Developing MOUs with: CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) AICTO (Arab Information & Communications Technologies Organization) ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea)

5 IEEE 802 Recent Developments 802.16m - IEEE submitted a candidate radio interface technology that meets the enhanced technical requirements of the ITU-R IMT-Advanced project based on IEEE Project 802.16m, the Advanced Air Interface specification. 802.20 - IEEE Approves Standard for Vehicular Broadband Wireless Access. IEEE 802.20 Sets Data Rates Above 1 Mbps for Mobile Users at Vehicular Speeds to 250 km/hr. 802.3ba - 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet Project Reaches Milestone Vote. New project that will extend the existing IEEE Std 802.3 Ethernet standard to operating speeds of 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s in order to provide a significant increase in bandwidth. 802.1Qay - IEEE 802.1Qay (PBB-TE) Standard Enters Final Phase of Ratification. T echnical agreement has been reached on the industrys first connection-oriented technology for next generation service provider networks.

6 IEEE Standards Work with common interest to the GSC – 14 High Interest Areas 6

7 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects Continuing Cooperation on IMT Standardization IEEE 802.16 incorporated as 6 th terrestrial air interface for ITU IMT-2000 Emergency Communications IEEE 1512 series Standard for Common Incident Management Message Sets for Use by Emergency Management Centers P802.11u on interworking with external networks includes emergency communications 7

8 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High Interest Subjects Identity Management and Identification Systems IEEE 1902.1-2009 Standard for Long Wavelength Wireless Network Protocol (RuBee) IEEE 1451 series for sensor networks especially P1451.7 RFID/Sensor IEEE 802 series especially 802.11 and 802.15 for ubiquitous sensor networks P802.15.4 f.. amendment Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System Physical Layer (PHY)

9 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects Intelligent Transportation Systems Continuing IEEE 1512 series activities (see emergency communications) Continuing IEEE 1609 series, Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) Published IEEE 1616-2004, IEEE Standard for Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorder (MVEDR) Rail Transportation P1473 Standard for Communications Protocol Aboard Passenger Trains (Revision) P1482 Standard for Rail Vehicle Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems P1544 Standard for Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP) for Railcar Basic Operating Unit Interoperability 9

10 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects IP over Broadband Access in Support of Convergence IEEE 802, e.g., 802.11, 802.15, 802.16, 802.20, 802.22 Wireless access including RLANs & ad-hoc Networking IEEE 802.11 series IEEE 802.11ad …Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications - Amendment: Enhancements for Very High Throughput in the 60 GHz Band IEEE 802.15.1 series for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN), part of [Bluetooth] IEEE 802.15.3 series for High Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) IEEE 802.15.4 series for Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) [Zigbee] IEEE P802.15.7 Physical (PHY) and Medium Access Control (MAC) Layer Standard for Short- Range Wireless Optical Communication Using Visible Light 10

11 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects Mobile Multimedia Broadcast & Multicast IEEE 802.16 series including IEEE 802.16e for Air Interface for Fixed and Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems IEEE 802.20-2008, Standard Air Interface for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems Supporting Vehicular Mobility and subsequent projects NGN – General P1903 Standard for a Next Generation Service Overlay Network 11

12 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects Reconfigurable Radio Systems Continuing P802.22 series for cognitive wireless RAN medium access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) specifications: policies and procedures for operation in the TV bands Continuing P1900 series under SCC 41, Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks, including terminology, analysis of interference and coexistence, spectrum access, architectural building blocks for distributed device decision making Published IEEE 1900.1-2008, IEEE 1900.2-2008, IEEE 1900.4-2009

13 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects Cybersecurity P802.21a Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Media Independent Handover Services - Amendment for Security Extensions to Media Independent Handover Services and Protocol P1619 series, Standard for Cryptographic Protection of Data on Block-Oriented Storage Devices Published IEEE 1619-2007, IEEE 1619.1-2007 P1667 (revision), Standard Protocol for Authentication in Host Attachments of Transient Storage Devices P1700, Standard for Information System Security Assurance Architecture (ISSAA) P2200, Standard for Baseline Operating Systems Security (BOSS TM ) P2600 series, Standard for Information Technology: Hardcopy Device and System Security Published IEEE 2600-2008, IEEE 2600.1-2009 13

14 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects Home Networking P1901, Standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks: Medium Access Control and Physical Layer Specifications IEEE 802 series 14

15 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects ICT and the Environment IEEE1680-2006 IEEE Standard for Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products, including Laptop Personal Computers, Desktop Personal Computers, and Personal Computer Monitors and projects IEEE P1680, IEEE P1680.1 IEEE 1621-2004 IEEE Standard for User Interface Elements in Power Control of Electronic Devices Employed in Office/Consumer Environments IEEE P1888 Standard for Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network Protocol IEEE P802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet 15

16 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects ICT and the Environment- continued IEEE P2030 Draft Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology Operation with the Electric Power System (EPS), and End-Use Applications and Loads IEEE P802.15.4g ….Amendment: Physical layer for Low Data Rate Wireless Smart Metering Utility Networks. 16

17 IEEE Standards: GSC-14 High-Interest Subjects ICT Management and Operations IEEE P1723 Standard for SOA (Service- Oriented Architecture) Solution Reference Architecture 17

18 Fostering worldwide interoperability Summary IEEE Common Interest Areas

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