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May 9, 20051 12 September 2005, Barcelona, Spain Open Meeting of the Forestry Value Chain Risto Päivinen.

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1 May 9, 20051 12 September 2005, Barcelona, Spain Open Meeting of the Forestry Value Chain Risto Päivinen

2 May 9, 20052 12 September

3 May 9, 20053 Development of the Strategic Research Agenda of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform Step 2: synthesis and prioritization at the EU level by Value Chains

4 May 9, 20054 Forestry Value Chain Group FVC Secretariat Leader: Risto Päivinen, EFI Co-leader: Eduardo Rojas-Briales, Politechnical University of Valencia. Spain Secretary: Leena Roihuvuo, EFI Forestry Value Chain Group: FVC Secretariat (see above) Jean-Marc Guehl, INRA, France Jan Fryk, SkogForsk, Sweden Natalie Hufnagl and Birte Schmetjen, CEPF, Belgium Frits Mohren, Centre for Ecosystem Studies, Wageningen University and Research Centre, the Netherlands Julius Novotný, Forest Research Institute, Slovakia Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz, Faculty of Forestry, Warsaw, Poland Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza, CNR, Italy Herbert Hager and Hubert Sterba, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria Konstantin von Teuffel, Research Institute of Baden Württemberg, Germany + European Commission representatives continues....

5 May 9, 20055 Forestry Value Chain Group Folke Andersson, ENFORS, Sweden Nathalie Barbe, ONF, France Yves Birot, COST, France Nuno Borralho, RAIZ, Portugal Joe O'Carroll, COFORD, Ireland Timo Heikka, Stora Enso, Wood Supply Europe, Finland Jyrki Kangas, UPM-Kymmene, Finland Michael Köhl, NFH, Germany Mårten Larsson, SCA Forest, Sweden Harald Mauser, Austrian Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW) Torgny Näsholm, SLU, Sweden Marcel van Oijen, CEH-Edinburgh, UK Jean-Luc Peyron, Director, ECOFOR, France Ewald Rametsteiner, BOKU/IIASA, Austria Björn Sundberg, SLU, Sweden Viktor Teplyakov, IUCN Ritva Toivonen, Pellervo Economic Research Institute PTT, Finland Representatives of NSGs: José Causí Rielo, ASPAPEL, Spain Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, KVL, Denmark Martins Graudums, Latvian Forestry Research Institute, Latvia Stasys Mizaras, Forest Research Institute, Lithuania Maarten Nieuwenhuis, University College Dublin (UCD) (Forestry), Ireland Martin Strittmatter, Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry for Agriculture, Germany Albinas Tebera, Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering Nikolaj Torelli, Slovenian Forestry Institute Stanislav Zajaz, IBL, Poland + Impact co-ordinators

6 May 9, 20056 Input from step 1: National Groups Austria 5 ideas Finland 6 France 7 Germany 22 Italy 4 Latvia 2 Lithuania 6 Netherlands4 Norway 5 Merging & rewriting in July-August Poland 6 Portugal6 Slovenia 1 Spain 13 Sweden 8 UK Bangor 2 ENFORS 1 Bioenergy chain 7..and some others

7 May 9, 20057 FTP Objectives of the meeting

8 May 9, 20058 Synthesis : 15 themes Subgroup1. Forest ecosystems 1. Forest Ecosystem Disturbances, Resilience and Restoration 2. European Forest Ecosystems Facing Changing Environment 3. Dynamic Conservation of Biodiversity Subgroup 2. Competitive renewable forest resources 4. Forest Trees for the Future 5. Re-engineering Timber Supply 6. New market strategies for non wood forest products (NWFP) Subgroup 3. Forests and society 7. Governance and Societal Involvement 8. Trends and Drivers of Societal Perceptions and Values 9. Innovative Marketing of Services Provided by Forests 10. Structural Improvement of Small Scale Ownership in Europe 11. Social and Spatial Effects of Globalisation on European Forests Subgroup 4. Management of forests and forest-influenced landscapes 12. Enhancing Multifunctionality and Sustainability of Forests for People and Nature 13. Adapted Forest Management under Global Change 14. Monitoring, Planning and Knowledge Management for Forests 15 Land Use Dynamics and Forests

9 May 9, 20059 Priorization criteria 1. European objectives, 2. business value, 3. feasibility, 4-8. impact dimensions (consumers, society, environment, energy use, competitiveness) 9. meeting the objectives of the Vision document 10. progress beyond the state-of-art.

10 May 9, 200510 Priorities ? 50 questionnaires sent to FVC group – 26 replied

11 May 9, 200511 FTP Objectives of the meeting Involve forestry community into European level SRA process Direct the draft contribution towards final FTP Research Agenda:synthesis and priorities, leading to a focused proposal Input to step 3

12 May 9, 200512 Thank you!

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