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HINARI/Health Information on the Internet (module 1.3 Part B)

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HINARI/Health Information on the Internet (module 1.3 Part B)

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1 HINARI/Health Information on the Internet (module 1.3 Part B)

2 Table of Contents – Part B Sampling of resources Consumer Health/Patient Education HIV/AIDS Nutrition Pharmacology & Prescribing Public Health Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases Managing Internet Resources

3 Consumer Health/Patient Education Human Anatomy Online MedLinePlus MedlinePlus: Infectious Diseases Medpedia

4 The InnerBody site is a guide to human anatomy but from the consumer health/patient education perspective.

5 Developed and maintained by the National Library of Medicine (USA), MedlinePlus is an invaluable resource for consumer health information. Access is by topic or keyword search engine.

6 We have opened the Infectious Diseases page of the MedlinePlus website.

7 Medpedia is an open platform wiki for health information. Medical professionals and researchers can contribute content. It contains numerous full-text articles and has a keyword search engine for medical or health questions.

8 HIV/AIDS EngenderHealth: HIV, AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections HIVInSite HIVInSite/Treatment Pathology of AIDS (textbook) WHO/Epidemiological Fact Sheets

9 The EngenderHealth site has numerous full-text technical publications on HIV/AIDS plus numerous other reproductive health and health systems topics.

10 The HIVInSite is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and policy. It is maintained by the University of California San Francisco (USA).

11 We have opened Treatment page of the HIVInSite website.

12 Another useful tool particularly for education is the Textbook of AIDS Pathology.

13 The WHO produces and maintains Epidemiological fact sheets on HIV and AIDS. This is useful for epidemiologists and policy planners.

14 Nutrition Eldis: Food Security Emergency Nutrition Network Standing Committee on Nutrition Stellenbosch University: Nutrition Information Centre

15 Eldis has numerous topical resource guides including one on Food Security. See the list in the left hand frame for other nutrition topics of interest.

16 The Emergency Nutrition Network contains newsletters and full-text documents on this topic.

17 This the Nutrition Information Centre is a resources from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. It contains fact sheets, consumer health information, a glossary and useful links.

18 The UN Standing Committee on Nutrition is an excellent resource for nutrition-related fulltext information. It is organized by broad themes and also has a keyword search engine.

19 Pharmacology & Prescribing Essential Drugs: Practical Guidelines International Drug Price Indicator Guide Merck Manuals WHO Model List of Essential Drugs

20 w Essential drugs from Medecins sans Frontieres is an excellent resource for health practitioners in low-income countries.

21 The International Drug Price Indicator Guide lists prices from pharmaceutical suppliers, international development organizations, and government agencies. Access is by Name, Letter or Therapeutic Class. It is published by Management Sciences for Health.

22 The Merck Manual Online is not only a tool for drug information but an extensive resource for symptoms and treatments of many disorders.

23 The WHO Models Lists of Essential Medicines gateway is a useful resource for hospitals, clinics and especially governmental procurement agencies.

24 Public Health Emerging Infectious Diseases Health Library for Disasters Merck Manuals Supercourse: Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health

25 Emergency Infectious Diseases is an open access e-journal from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA). It focuses on numerous issues of value to health practitioners in low-income countries.

26 The Health Library for Disasters is an excellent source for resources on this topic. See the subject listing for general topics. There also is a keyword search option.

27 The Health Managers Toolkit is a useful resource for governmental agencies and other health planning groups.

28 The Supercourse is a repository of over 5000 lectures on global health and prevention with many related to public health topics. It is a useful tool for lecturers and students.

29 Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases Evidence-Based Tuberculosis Diagnosis Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp: links to selected websites Neglected Tropical Diseases: Targeted Diseases WHO: Disease Outbreak News

30 This the Evidence-Based Tuberculosis Diagnosis is an online resource for evidence, policies and research on TB diagnostics.

31 The Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp Library has developed this gateway of numerous tropical medicine and infectious diseases resources on the Internet.

32 The Neglected Tropical Diseases Program has information on several Targeted (neglected) Diseases that could be minimized or eliminated with proper eradication projects.

33 The WHOs Diseases Outbreak News tracks such outbreaks worldwide with almost daily news items.

34 Managing Internet Resources Bookmarks –What is a Bookmark? Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Favorites Internet Explorer

35 In Mozilla Firefox, we have opened the Bookmarks feature. We will click on Bookmark This Page.

36 In Mozilla Firefox, we are adding the PubMed link to Bookmarks (or Favorites in Internet Explorer). You can change the name of the link and must click on Done.

37 When you select Bookmarks or Favorites from the tool bar, you can see that your page has been added to the list. To return to the website, click on the name. This is the end of Module 1.3 Part B There is a Work Book to accompany this part of the module. The workbook will take you through a live session covering the topics included in this demonstration with working examples. Updated 2012 10

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