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Brief presentation of Harghita County and Harghita County Council Enikő MIKLÓSSY.

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1 Brief presentation of Harghita County and Harghita County Council Enikő MIKLÓSSY

2 Location Romania: in the South East part of Europe Central Development Region Romania is structured in 41 counties Harghita: in the middle of Romania, at the eastern border of Transylvania Surface: 6639 km 2, 2,8% of the country. In the county there are 4 medium sized cities, 5 towns and 58 communes. The capital city of Harghita county is Csíkszereda ( Miercurea Ciuc ). (42,487)

3 Harghita County- Geographical data Harghita county is situated on the plateau of Transylvania, in the central part of the Eastern Carpathians. mountainous area, about 60% of total surface is dominated by mountains. over 2000 mineral water springs - utilized for therapeutic purposes. woodlands which lay on more than 30% of the countys surface Forest herritage: about 228.614 hectars (73% fir trees and 19% beech ) 35 protected areas, national parks Hargita county is composed of three regions: Udvarhely, Csík and Gyergyó.

4 Demographic and economic data Total population: 326.222 (2002) Population density: 49.1 pers/km2 Rural population: 55.9 % Main economic activities: wood processing printing industry garment production food processing agriculture tourism GDP Harghita (2006): 1240,1 millions EUR Per Capita GDP in Harghita (2007): 3680,5 EUR

5 Harghita County 85% Hungarians (Szeklers), 14% Romanians 1% other nationalities. * According to the data of the last census in 2002

6 Tourism Saint Anne Lake Red Lake Mineral water spring Pentecost pilgrimage

7 Forests

8 Harghita County Council -is the authority of county public administration, responsible for the coordination of the local councils activities (municipalities, towns and villages) from Harghita county, in order to fulfil the public services of county interest -is responsible for the public administration activity on the countys territory, based on the principles of local autonomy, decentralization of public services, legality and citizens consultation regarding local problems of main interest -Harghita County Council is responsible for the implementation of Civil Protection project, in the period of 2010-2013.

9 National authorities and structures of civil protection in Romania Ministry of the Interior Regional Inspectorates for Emergency Situations (organized at county level) Local and Regional Authorities - > Harghita County Council Committees for Emergency Situations (Organized at national, local and regional levels) General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations

10 Authorities and structures of civil protection in Harghita County Local and Regional Authorities - > Harghita County Council Public Community Services Private and Voluntary Services

11 Civil protection – legal background Reserve fund: up to 5% of local budget, which is allowed to be used by the authority in cases of: –Natural disasters –Emergency situations of any kind –County council distributes its fund for localities in aid The reserve fund can be increased throughout the budgetary year from other incomes at the disposal of the county level authority Major natural risks in Harghita: –Floods –Earthquakes –Landslides risk

12 Major natural disasters in Romania and Harghita Bucharest, 4 th of March 1977 –1700 deaths –33 buildings totally destroyed –Magnitude 7.5 Harghita County, June 2005

13 Floods - 2005


15 CivPRO project – our role and responsabilities Regional analyses on best practices in prevention, management and awareness raising Present typical wood-land issues concerning civil protection Internal meetings and field visits in the topic of risk prevention Elaborate a strategy, a policy framework to set the priorities of investments and developments in this area

16 Experiences and objectives – current projects and investments Salvamont project: -Mountain rescue infrastructure development by building 4 rescue establishments

17 Experiences and objectives Regional Operative Program 3 rd priority: -Modernization of risk prevention infrastructure in the Center Region of Romania -Total 43 million ROL for the 7 counties of Center Region -5,3 million ROL, 2% co- financing


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