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Hamburg Metropolitan Region Partners, organisation and projects Welcome.

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1 Hamburg Metropolitan Region Partners, organisation and projects Welcome

2 Introduction

3  Three federal states  14 districts and the City of Hamburg (800 municipalities)  4.3 million inhabitants in total  1.7 million inhabitants in the core city  1.4 million employees  About 19.700 km² extension  Regional differences in settlement structures and economic wealth Voluntary cooperation of the federal states Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony and 14 districts Organisation

4 Why to cooperate in times of competition? Joined platform for cooperation beyond administrative bondaries Solving regional problems Balancing the interests of rural an urban developement Network

5 The main objectives of the Regional cooperation Increasing international competitiveness, especially in business, science, transport, tourism and culture. Guaranteeing general public services in times of demographic change and tight public budgets. Developing joint approaches to regional planning and land use issues. Finding strategies against climate change and taking steps against climate change. Objectives

6 Most important finance instrument Designed to improve both the structure and development of Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Hamburg and Lower Saxony each pay EUR 600,000 into their promotion fund each year. The Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein fund receives EUR 871,000 from each state annually. Each year the funds underwrite projects valued at almost EUR 3 million. Promotion funds

7 Regional council Steering committee Expert working groups Regional conference Secretariat Regional conference covers the main topics of priority relevant to the region, provides stimuli for regional cooperation Federations, politics, tourism and economic promotion agencies and professional bodies are directly involved in the cooperation. Regional council highest decision-making body Secretariat supports the steering committee, manages the projects, public relations work regional marketing, representing the Metropolitan Region also develops concepts and analyses relating to the future expert working groups Steering committee coordinates and controls the participating bodies, institutions and cooperation networks Responsible bodies

8 Expert working groups Transportation Education Ecological Affairs Settlement developement Economy Tourism Climate Protection

9 GEFIS - Finding industrial and commercial sites Lower Elbe Maritime Landscape (Competitiveness, quality of life) Changing attitudes to land use (Housing development) KLIMZUG-NORD (Climate protection) Park and ride concept (public services) Lead projects

10 Joined development of industrial sites GEFIS: industrial and commercial site portal Survey on main sectors and their future needs for industrial sites Recommendations for the administration Guidelines for cooperation

11 Maritime Region Lower Elbe Supporting regional Tourism by co-financing project- management, infrastructure and maritime heritage Lower Elbe Maritime Landscape

12 sets out to raise awareness about “land” as a resource amongst municipalities, politicians, ownerbuilders, building financiers, architects, planners and developers. The project’s job is to work out solutions for sustainable use of land in housing development. Changing attitudes to land use

13 applied climate change research in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Effects of climate change on town and country areas are researched and recommendations worked out for adaptation. The goal is to produce an action plan for the metropolitan region up to the year 2050. KLIMZUG-NORD

14 Park and ride concept 270.000 inbound; 70.000 outbound commuters 184 park and ride facilities 63 have an average utilization of more than 90%. 40 more than 100%.

15 Economic Promotion Aagency Council

16 Sectors  Hamburg Metropolitan Region focuses on a policy of innovation in their core economic sectors  Economy, Science and Politics cooperate for this purpose  Engineering  Chemicals  Port and Logistics  Media and IT  Food Indurstry  Life Sciences  Aerospace  Maritime economy  Renewable Energies  Tourism

17 Employees

18 Cooperation of cluster Initiatives

19 Thank you for your attention! Marion Köhler Secretariat of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region Press and public relations +49 (40)42841-2604

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