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2 WORKSHOP ON MECACORE This workshop is a combination of the designing software and the skill development program. Mecacore helps in coordinating the training activities which offers our students a platform for unleashing their inborn talents and developing competency in the areas of skill development and confidence towards with one of the designing software (catia). Mecacore is an initial programme which guides a student through his/her transition from under- graduation to post graduation.

3 DESIGNING SOFTWARE: CATIA is one of the 3-D modelling software with the advanced features which is developed by the dassault systems. It is also a software which deals with stress analysis,manufacturing and the sheet metal design. It is a greatest tool for engineers to explore the knowledge in core industry. Trainees are also made aware of importance of Engineering fundamentals & application to concepts of design. On experience to model mechanical components and assemblies starting from the conceptual design all the way to detailed drawings with all dimensions and tolerances specified as per the industry best practices & norms.

4 The workshop is structured into 5 topics spanning over a period of 2 weeks. The projects are carefully chosen to encourage the student to apply the concepts learned in each module and evolve his/her own strategies to effectively solve the problems. Introduction to Design: Overviews about the design process “ form & Function, Engineering drawings, understanding of the basic mechanical concepts and their application for best industrial practices. Functional Design Basics: Introduction to various design fundamentals, design axioms and the architecture of modern 3D – CAD tool forms the major content. The course includes the following Technology modules:  Sketcher Part Modeling Advance Part Modeling Surfacing Assembly Mechanism Sheet Metal Detailing

5 E NGINEERING S ERVICES With rising costs and margin pressure across industries, manufacturing companies look beyond their shores to optimize their Product Development activities to shorten the time to market and get an early edge in the competitive business ecosystem. GOLDEN ERA TECHNOLOGIES offers a wide spectrum of engineering services & has complete capabilities in providing engineering solutions throughout the product development lifecycle viz. Process Engineering, Concept Design and Detailed Engineering

6 SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Every student from every nook and corner of india represents a new beacon of light for the country’s progress. Our dream is dramatically accelerate india ’s progress by fueling these beacons to shine longer,brighter, better. Confident is our confidence building programme which focuses on improving the communication confidence as well as the overall confidence levels of the students as they enter a college environment.

7 Invigorate is our skill development program which focusses on equiping students with personal and the professional skills aimed at making them well-rounded, as they prepare themselves for a career.The course is structured in such a way that,students learn through “experience” than by listening to a lecture or a presentation. Interesting activities like ICE BREAKERS are added through the course and the content that is visually stimulating and strikes the right chord in sparking the students interest level.

8 S KILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME : It is structured into types which helps the students to crack the second next levels of the interview It enables the students to communicate in group discussions and how to attend the interviews with various tips with young trainers. The reasoning modules will be explained with different concepts to crack the exams with logically and the short tricks will be explained to be easily solved by the students.



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