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Life Science Cluster in Krakow

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1 Life Science Cluster in Krakow
Centre for Innovation, Technology Transfer and University Development CITTRU Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland Life Science Cluster in Krakow Maciej Czarnik Head of Innovation Section October 11, 2007

2 OVERVIEW Potential in Life Sciences in Malopolska region has been recognised (strong research institutions and rapidly developing bio-med industry) Centre for Innovation (CITTRU), as a part of Jagiellonian University, initiated creation of Life Science Cluster Krakow Cluster is the network organisation which aim is to foster research cooperation between research institutes and industry in Life Science sector Cluster organisation was created in the end of 2006 Achievements of Life Science Cluster are visible after first year of its activity

3 INTRODUCTION Jagiellonian University & CITTRU in Development of Life Science Cluster
Jagiellonian University is one of the best universities in Poland The University offers comprehensive education in Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine and Pharmacy conducts advanced scientific research in Life Sciences, including world-wide cooperation (prize winner for the most active university in UE Framework Programme) implementing Patent Policy and holistic system of commercialization of IPR; promoting academic entrepreneurship and spin-off companies (CITTRU) 27M EUR for investments at the University from EU funds UJ and CITTRU - initiators of Cluster Life Science Krakow

4 BACKGROOUND High-Tech Potential in the Region

5 BACKGROOUND Opportunities for Development of Regional Potential in Life Sciences
Polish economy is growing rapidly Poland has second highest consumption of drugs in terms of volume) in Europe in 2006 Polish pharmaceutical market was valued at €3.58bn with a predicted annual growth of ~5% EU accession means more open market; opportunity in Structural & Cohesion Funds : ~€68bn 32 universities and colleges in the Małopolska region and 37 specialized hospital clinics Skilled and adaptable human resources (> 10,000 undergraduates, > 400 professors, > 1,000 PhD students in life science alone) Established companies in life science sector and support of advanced physical infrastructure Central European location and competitive labour market

6 Cluster Life Science Krakow IDEA & GOALS
The idea to form and sustain a commercially viable cluster dedicated to “life science” has been developed on understanding and recognition of the already existing potential of both the Polish life science industry and research & development sector. To create and sustain The Life Science Network to enable effective global connectivity and optimisation of existing pottential of individuals and organisations. To support innovation and to encourage effective commercialization of results of research in the Life Science field. To develop the resources and competences in the Life Science sector in order to effectively explore current existing and future opportunities related to development of a knowledge based economy. GOALS

7 Cluster Life Science Krakow DEVELOPMENT HISTORY & PROGRAM
In April 2006 – regional conference on potential in life science in Malopolska region (conference held by Jagiellonian University) In October 2006 Life Science Cluster in Krakow was established by 32 institutions Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation (JCI) has been designated to host the Cluster and manage it's activity Promotion of the Cluster in the region and internationally (Biotechnology Fairs in Boston, May 2007) – Malopolska Region as the best investment location in life science sector Development of common research and infrastructural projects for FP7 and Structural Funds Development of the bio-tech innovation system ACTIVITY

8 Cluster Life Science Krakow 36 PARTNERS
(19) bio-business - pharmaceutical - service companies in R&D (spin-off) - medical diagnostics (4) hospitals four largest hospitals in the region strength in: - oncology - cardiology (5) R&D institutes - pharmacology - animal production - nuclear physics - surface chemistry - catalysis (2) higher education - Krakow Economic Zone - consultancy (3) business environment - city authorities - marshal office - regional government (3) most important local authorities

9 Life Science Park - Laboratory Facilitates R&D Centres, Research Projects
Objectives: To build commercial laboratory space to rent To attract foreign investors To stimulate technology transfer Life Science Park (2200 sq.m. laboratory space) opening in 2008, cost: ~€15M Anti-diabetic Drug (research project ) time: , cost: €5M consortium of 4 institution Regional Centre of Biotechnology opening: 2009, cost: €25M leading partner: Jagiellonian University, Drug Development Centre planed to be opened in 2010,cost: ~€10M leading partner: Faculty of Medicine, JU

10 to get more information about Life Science Cluster Krakow visit our website:

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