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City of Lappeenranta Finland Co-operation Programme for South-East Finland, St. Petersburg, and the Leningrad Region REGIONAL OPEN INNOVATION PLATFORM.

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1 City of Lappeenranta Finland Co-operation Programme for South-East Finland, St. Petersburg, and the Leningrad Region REGIONAL OPEN INNOVATION PLATFORM

2 City of Lappeenranta Finland Leningrad region 1,7 million inhabitants 10.000 enterprises Mikkeli Svetogorsk St. Petersburg Interreg III A programme area in South-East Finland 488.200 inhabitants 21.364 enterprises City of St Petersburg 4,7 million inhabitants 130.000 enterprises Savonlinna Lappeenranta Kouvola Imatra Kotka Vyborg Estonia Tacis Programme Area St. Petersburg Corridor Co-operation Programme for South-East Finland, St Petersburg, and the Leningrad Region

3 City of Lappeenranta Finland St. Petersburg Corridor Co-operation Programme for South-East Finland, St Petersburg, and the Leningrad Region Background : Finnish Innovation environment and knowledge of Russian business Several individual co-operation projects between the Cities of South-East Finland, St Petersburg, and Leningrad region in the 1990s The first ideas of integrating the resources of the area under the concept of St. Petersburg Corridor were presented in December 2002 Development of the new Corridor programme : to combine individual business and research projects into strategic co- operation within the entire area of South-East Finland, city of St. Petersburg, and the Leningrad Region. to create the cross-border area as a true heart of the Northern Dimension to implement the Lisbon Objectives in the EU.

4 City of Lappeenranta Finland The Cross Border Concept is based on the common Vision 2013 St. Petersburg Corridor is known globally as an area of co- operation between Russia and the EU. The Corridor area has become economically, functionally, and socially coherent and innovative entity. The Corridor area has evolved into an internationally attractive location for businesses and a significant driving force for economies in the area of the Baltic Sea. The Corridor has become the true heart of the Northern Dimension within the EU. St. Petersburg Corridor – Vision 2013

5 City of Lappeenranta Finland Meeting of Chairpersons of Committees of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region with six mayors and three leaders of Regional Councils of South-East Finland Co-ordination Group - prepares the matters and the motions for meetings - representatives of all parties Action Mechanism of St. Petersburg Corridor Research, Business, and Political objectives are performed under the common concept BUSINESS COLLABORATION AND COOPERATION DEVELOPMENT Working Group INCREASE OF INNOVATION KNOW-HOW AND SUPPORT OF INNOVATION DIFFUSION Working Group WELFARE AND TOURIST INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT Working Group LOGISTIC AND TRANSPORTA- TION NETWORK DEVELOPMENT Working Group ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES Working Group The operational work is done within the working groups

6 City of Lappeenranta Finland The Phases of the Development Work Visio 2013 Mission 5 WG´s Strategy WG´s Tasks WG´s Priorities and strategical Choises 2007-10 Structure follows the Strategies Financing of Actions Defining of Operators Strategical Actions Implementation as a part of Management Year 2005

7 City of Lappeenranta Finland ROIP – Regional Open Innovation Platform

8 City of Lappeenranta Finland INNO PLATFORM Content Development Information Center Knowledge Management IPRResearchServices Development of the Corridor Information Center WP1: State-of-the Art in Innovation strategies in EU, Finland, and Russia WP2: Creation of the Network of the Actors WP2: Admin & Business support & guidance WP3: Legal ground for innovation activities WP4: Yearly Global Innovation Seminar for political and business Decision Makers Development of IPR processes between the EU and Russia WP1: State-of-the-Art of Juridical systems for innovations WP2: IPR methodology WP3: IPR utilization in innovation creation WP4: International IPR service network REGIONAL OPEN INNOVATION PLATFORM Development of integrating system for SMEs WP1: State-of-the-Art in regional innovation support systems WP2: Innovation promotion system WP3: Funding system for SMEs (seed money) WP4: Technology transfer program HighTech-LowTech, Company-University WP5: Innovation incubation process Development of Info exchange systems in Corridor Region WP1: State-of-the-Art in KM tools in Innovation mgmt WP2: Electronic stock exchange of Services WP3: Electronic document systems (invoicing, orders etc.) WP4: Contact data bank WP5: Cross border Wlan services Development of Innovation Research in Corridor Region WP1: State-of-the-Art in Innovation mgmt research WP2: Innovation dictionary WP3: Evaluation system for Innovation projects WP4: Student exchange programs WP5: Open Innovation phenomenon

9 City of Lappeenranta Finland The Cross Border EU Network wants to accelerate the development of the Innovation Environment and dissemination of the EUs Lisbon Objectives between the EU Countries and Russia Create a Network of actors that represents Regional Open Innovation Environment in European policy and Russia Get better acceptance for Innovation Activities in EUs Lisbon Objectives and Russian policy Enhance the connection between the EU and Russia to improve exchange and development of Innovative solutions in the Global Market Create a preferred place for SMEs and other organizations in research and implementation of new innovative processes and methods Create implementation programs for SMEs through the projects of Innovation Group, with MNCs and public organizations in close involvement THE MAIN TASKS from the INNOVATION POINT OF VIEW

10 City of Lappeenranta Finland 1 2 3 The Implementation of the Regional Open Innovation Platform (ROIP) WP 1 (Inter-)regional innovation policy development 1.1 Pervasive impact assessment and policy implications 1.2 Dissemination of results WP 2 Concept development of the Cross Border Innovation Platform 2.1 Mechanism and pattern definition for collaboration processes: Innovation actor analysis and selection, determination of the legal ground for innovation activities in cross-border cooperation 2.2 Role and task specialization: Defining roles and tasks of the actors in innovation development collaboration 2.3 Formation of the partnerships and common structures for the cross-border innovation policy development 2.4 Definition of the regional concepts (incl. analysis of present service portfolios) WP 3 System implementation: Cross Border Innovation Hub 3.1 System development for innovation collection based on information database and stakeholder needs 3.2 Establishment of an international network for the collection and promotion of innovations 3.3 Creation of the ongoing Innovation Exhibition for the innovation organisations, the Universities, and the SMEs.

11 City of Lappeenranta Finland Some Results of the Regional Open Innovation Platform Development 1.Finnish-Russian Innovation Partnership Agreement between the authorities of St.Petersburg and City of Lappeenranta for the innovation policy development 2.Establishment of the Fenno – Russian Innovation Center in St. Petersburg 3.The Innovation Policy Development between the Nordic Countries and St.Petersburg under the Nordic Council of Ministers 4.The structures and processes for the daily innovation development work in the cross border area through the Innovation Support Network of the Leningrad Region and Southeast Finland 5.Common master degree programs between the Finnish and Russian Universities 6.Viborg Industrial Park (VIP) in the Cross Border area for the EU and Russian traditional industry companies. (Location 20 km from the EU border in Russia)

12 City of Lappeenranta Finland The main partners of the St. Petersburg Corridor 1.Southeast Finland Cities of Lappeenranta, Kotka, Hamina, Savonlinna, Kouvola, Imatra, Mikkeli Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of Joensuu, University of Helsinki, South Karelian Polytechnic Lappeenranta Innovation Ltd, Technopolis Ltd, Cursor Ltd Hundreds of SMEs and several MNCs from the EU 2.City of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region Gov. of the City of St. Petersburg Committee on IT and Communications Analytical Department The Committee of Economic Development of the Leningrad Regional Gov. St. Petersburg Information Analytic Center St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) 3.Funding of the St.Petersburg Corridor Programme EU Interreg Programme EU Tacis programme Municipal funding Companies

13 THE DAILY DEVELOPMENT WORK AND COLLABORATION The Cross Border City programme with 250 000 inhabitants and 250 million Lesogorsk Svetogorsk Imatra Joutseno Vyborg and Vyborg Region Lappeenranta Business Policy Culture Education and Training Energy Environment Infrastructure Labour Force Logistics Regional and Municipal Administration Security Social and Health Care Tourism Sovetskij Primorsk Vysotsk Kamenno- gorsk FINLAND / EU RUSSIA VIP

14 Lappeenranta Innovation Ltd Laserkatu 6, 53850 Lappeenranta, Finland

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