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Parallel Session C1 The needs of the citizens Moderator: Giannino C. BERNABEI Raporteur: Ian ASCOUGH.

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1 Parallel Session C1 The needs of the citizens Moderator: Giannino C. BERNABEI Raporteur: Ian ASCOUGH

2 Speaker 1 - Peter Radley Digital Inclusion - ensuring services reach everyone All EU citizens, family and friends in other MS - does this mean we need pan-European e-Gov services? Government is the main provider of services to citizens - health, education, security… These services need to be available to everyone Therefore, European citizens need access over any network and all networks must be open to all content and applications for e-citizenship

3 Speaker 2 - Anna Lisa Boni Customer Relations Management in local public e-services Local government is the main provider of public services Need to analyse user needs and expectations Expectations are changing: greater transparency and efficiency. Just like in local government, we need pan- European eGov of the people, by the people, for the people

4 Speaker 3 - Jorge Vieira da Silva Needs of citizens related to the democratic process: scenarios for 2010 The challenge is for a political environment that is democratic - effective and consistent participation Needs: no digital divide, trust and security, effective knowledge management, integration of e-dem process within government re-engineering ICTs are in our work and leisure, so why not politics? - e-democracy

5 Speaker 4 - Rodolfo Cattani Access to eGovernment for the disabled EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: to achieve equality for disabled people, the right not to be discriminated against has to be complemented by the right to benefit from measures to ensure their independence, integration, participation. If designed to suit needs of those with disabilities, services are easier for everyone. Interests of the disabled cover all areas, not just health and social issues. 2003 - European Year of People with Disabilities

6 Speaker 5 - Ion Marcu Information Society, a Society for all - the Romanian Case Romania has signed an eGov MoU with 6 countries: Bridging the digital divide; cross-border needs - priorities for pan- European services This includes the creation of a portal for the participant countries, interconnection of public administrations, joint efforts for e- approach to transnational problems.

7 Discussion Need competence, content and connection IDA is not known in local government services where most services are delivered IDA should become a network to navigate from one administration to another Adoption of accessibility guidelines is not universal - in USA administrations cannot buy products that are not accessible to all

8 Discussion More to e-democracy than e-voting, ie, e- consultation What specific services do the panel want to see? Ion Marco - a service asking what services citizens want - wider (e?)-consultation e-procurement - could save money for tax- payers service giving info on legal issues

9 Discussion Rodolfo Cattani also a legal service: advice and support e-consultation of EU citizens information on MS social security provisions Anna Lisa Boni platform for local administrations to work together on back-office issues e-procurement

10 Discussion Peter Radley Education - community-based support for life- long learning; e-twinning Support for business Who should deliver? EU to provide the stimulus MS to create the services Local level to deliver

11 Conclusions



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