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CeChemNet and the Regional Cluster Strategy of Saxony-Anhalt

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1 CeChemNet and the Regional Cluster Strategy of Saxony-Anhalt
Thomas Wobben Representation of Saxony-Anhalt to the European Union Boulevard Saint Michel 80 B-1040 Brussels Tel.: Fax:

2 The Challenge of the Halle/Leipzig area

3 Starting Point: Halle/Leipzig/Dessau is the economic heartland of Eastern Germany Chemical Industry plays a key role in regional development The region is located within three German Länder, different sub-regional districts and bigger cities Since German unification – particularly between 1994 and 2000 – the chemical industry received large public support for investment aid and business related infrastructure Early on it became evident that a stronger co-ordination between the socio-economic actors, the local and regional authorities and the research and innovation providers is necessary to improve the innovation climate

4 From Technology Plans to Regional Innovation:
Regional Technology Plan Halle/Leipzig/Dessau Attempts failed to develop an overall co-ordination of innovation policies in the region Lack of participation of key actors such as industry and regional governments However initial ideas for closer co-operation were profiled in the region 1997 – 1992 Regional Innovation Strategy Halle/Leipzig/Dessau Successful attempt to engage local and regional actors Strategic projects were initiated with regard to chemical industry, waste management, bio-technology and material science Strong involvement of regional government and inclusion into the Mainstream Operational ERDF Programme 2002 – 2004 RIS Plus Projects Halle/Leipzig Dessau Developing key cluster strategies in the field of automotive, chemical industry and waste management Setting up of CeChemNet as a business led cluster strategy as part of the RIS Plus project

5 The Cluster Strategy: CeChemNet
Cross sectoral cluster strategy along the value chain Cross regional approach including chemical sites in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg Business led initiative with involvement of German Chemical Association Combination of the Cluster approach with a Strategy Dialogue on Chemical Industry with the regional government of Saxony-Anhalt

6 CeChemNet Partner

7 CeChemNet Working Groups:

8 Results of the internal Cluster Process:
Setting of CeChemNet as a Cluster Co-ordination Coordinated approach in setting up and extending innovation centers at chemical sites, i.e.: Fraunhofer Institute for Polymere Synthesis (Schkopau) Fraunhofer Center for Biomass (Leuna) Fraunhofer Centre for Silizium-Photovoltaik (CSP) (Schkopau) Extending the research facilities regarding polymere chemicals at the Martin-Luther-University in Halle Setting up of the plastics competence centre Halle-Merseburg Joint presentation and promotion of chemical sites Joint positions towards the regional governments

9 The external cluster strategy:
Strong focus on Central and Eastern European Chemical sites (new markets) Using interregional contacts to promote the chemical parks in Eastern Germany Strong involvement in developing the legal framework conditions for chemical industry in Europe (lobbying) Opening up for the exchange of experiences and interregional co-operation

10 The European Chemical Regions Network:

11 Results of the external cluster strategy:
Setting up of the European Chemical Regions Network ( Participation in the High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the Chemical Industry in Europe of DG Industry Initiating several interregional projects, such as MentorChem (Regions of Knowledge) ChemClust (Open Innovation in Chemical Parks) ChemLog (Chemical Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe) Initiating strategic interregional partnerships (Limburg and Mazovia)

12 The funding instruments:
EU-Programmes: Innovative Actions: RIS, RIS+ Mainstream ERDF funding: Support for Innovation infrastructure Cluster support strategy INTERREG IV C: ECRN Network ChemClust (Open Innovation) 7. FRP: Regions of Knowledge INTERREG IV B: ChemLog (Chemical Logistics) National and regional funding instruments

13 Success factors and lessons learned:
Cluster leadership Business focus Commitment of actors Right timing Lessons learned: Internal and external cluster strategy belong together Regional Policy is more then the promotion of innovation Capacity building (partnership, integrated approaches do take time)

14 Contact Details: CeChemNet - Central European Chemical Network Contact: Fiene Grieger, Projektmanagerin Hoher Weg Halle an der Saale Telefon:    / 299 827 18  Telefax: / Internet: Ministry for Business and Technology of Saxony-Anhalt Contact: Catrin Gutowsky Hasselbachstrasse 4 39104 Magdeburg Tel.: /

15 Many thanks for your attention!

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