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The Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Innovation Platform OCTOBER 2011, OPEN DAYS.

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1 The Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Innovation Platform OCTOBER 2011, OPEN DAYS

2 2 The EGTC Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai 1 of the most important European metropolises 2,1 million inhabitants, many of them multi-lingual 5 universities + 1 e-campus A territory covering 3550 km 2 A working population of 900 000 100 million consumers within a 300 km radius 2 airports 2 TGV stations 6 major ports within a 1-hour distance 7 motorways

3 3 And on top of that: 4 Innovation clusters

4 4 Establishment of a single cross-border platform co-ordinated by the EGTC Joint projects Funding Services and knowledge European and international requests for proposals (RFPs) HEALTH DESIGN TEXTILE LOGISTICS ICT IMAGING NUTRITION AGRO

5 5 Double governance Cluster-related governance To ensure cooperation between the French, Walloon and Flemish regions within individual clusters.Cross-governance To provide services of potential use to the clusters and fully suited to the cross-border nature of the projects to be developed. Uniting the three regions

6 6 Services offered by the platform Projects: keeping stock of all joint projects already drafted or actually in place, listing best practices and promoting cross-sector projects Funding: Providing information on funding opportunities within the three regions, pinpointing existing gaps and cluster needs, and building cross-border instruments Services and knowledge: Providing services, liaising with employment and training agencies and research centres throughout the three regions. European requests for proposals (RFPs): Watching out for RFPs, coordinating joint tenders on European and international levels.

7 7 The assets of EGTC support The EGTC covers all decision-making levels with its multilevel governance structure From intermunicipalities to the national level– having access to all decision- making levels is a real asset. Enhanced international visibility The platform will benefit from Eurometropolis public relations A privileged link to Europe

8 8 The assets of EGTC support Coherence and strategy A number of scattered examples of cooperation already exist. The Eurometropolis is in a position to provide these projects and their owners with a framework and strategy, in particular via Eurometropolis 2030 In the framework of the 2014-2020 European programming period, the Eurometropolis is developing its own programme 2014-2020, in which the priorities of the EU 2020 strategy (smart-sustainable-inclusive growth) will be integrated. The innovation platform will be the Eurometropolis main focus in the 1 st pillar on smart growth.

9 9 INTERREG support Invest in Eurometropolis Tripartite sub-programme Joint project promoting the EGTC: PR tools and presence at international events aimed at increasing the visibility of the Eurometropolis (international property fairs) and its clusters (cluster- related fairs). Two projects directly linked to our innovation clusters already up and running Tandem Tandem French-Flemish sub-programme Project for bringing cluster companies and research centres on both sides of the border closer together. The platforms vision: to extend the project, turning these French- Flemish partnerships into true three-way partnerships

10 10 Eurometropolis Agency Casinoplein 10 B-8500 Kortrijk Tel + 32 56 23 11 00 Fax + 32 56 23 11 01 Email: Website :

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