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Integrated Territorial Investments

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1 Integrated Territorial Investments
Rudolf Niessler Director, European Commission DG for Regional Policy

2 Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI)
What is the idea? Sustainable urban development requires actions where financial contributions come from different thematic objectives and priorities To make this happen, funding programmes need to dedicate specific contributions to such integrated urban actions Every Member State should dedicate at least 5% of the ERDF resources to such integrated urban actions and delegate the management and implementation to the cities  How does it work?

3 I T Entry point for the programming of funds:
Thematic dimension: Concentration on priorities of Europe 2020 Smart growth Research & Innovation IT SME Sustainable growth Low-carbon Resource-efficient Risk-prevention Transport Inclusive growth Employment Social inclusion Education Governance mechanism Territorial dimension: Integrated strategies and actions Cities and towns I T Deprived urban neighbourhoods Functional urban areas, metropolitan regions Rural areas

4 Integrated sustainable urban development Example: Member State A
Total allocation for ITI at least 5% of Member State’s ERDF, delegated to cities Regional ERDF OP National/sectoral ERDF OP I T ESF OP + additional ESF and CF, if appropriate City 3 CF OP City 1 City 2 City 3 City 25 City …

5 Cities and urban areas benefiting from cohesion policy investments and instruments
Integrated and sectoral investments in urban areas ITIs delegated to cities (min. 5% of ERDF of Member States) Innovative urban actions (0.2% of ERDF at EU level) Cities selected for platform Urban development platform

6 Urban Development Platform
Proposal Member State A Proposal Member State B ... Member State A I T City 3 City 4 City 5 City 7 City 10 City 11 City 15 City 20 City 21 9 cities (max. 20) City 1 City 2 City 8 City 12 City 15 5 cities (max. 20) City 3 Total allocation at least 5% of ERDF, delegated to cities City 1 City 2 City 3 City 21 Max. 300 cities selected by Commission + all cities implementing innovative actions

7 Thank you very much for your attention!

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