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Bodil Persson EuropeAid The ENPI CBC programmes and their content.

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1 Bodil Persson EuropeAid The ENPI CBC programmes and their content

2 Why Neighbourhood Policy – political framework Enlargement 2004 Avoid new dividing lines Enhance existing cooperation Build on existing political framework Action plans to identify priorities New instrument ENPI – CBC component a priority

3 CBC at the external borders – different instruments Interreg has provided funding for EU border regions since 1991 and Tacis for partner countries since 1996 Phare programme has financed CBC programmes with the candidate countries CBC programmes in the South (Medocc, Archimed) 2004-06 Neighbourhood programmes preparing the new approach Important to build on this experience

4 ENPI: the new instrument for CBC From 2007 CBC at the EU external borders covered under a new financing instrument ENPI 1 January 2007 15 ENPI/CBC Programmes Over 1.1 billion to finance CBC 2007 to 2013 One set of rules applied on both sides of the borders

5 Key CBC principles (I) Common benefit –Measures financed under ENPI CBC need to benefit both parties, thus the requirement for joint programmes, joint management and joint projects Partners are equal –they prepare the programme together –they jointly designate a single managing authority in charge of implementing the programme –they define the priorities and select together the actions to be financed

6 Key CBC principles (II) Partnership: essential that programmes established in close consultation between central and regional/local level, between state and non-state actors Complementarity: Community assistance shall complement national, regional and local measures Co-financing: partners should contribute with own resources to the programme

7 Beneficiaries Governmental bodies Partner countries, their regions and their institutions Decentralized bodies in the partner countries Local authorities and administrations Joint bodies of partner countries and the Community Public or semipublic bodies Non-state actors NGOs Trade associations Women and youth organizations Cross-border associations Cultural, research and scientific organizations Organizations representing economic and social interests

8 ENPI CBC - legal basis Strategy Paper and IR ENPI CBC Strategy Paper 2007-2013 adopted in February 2007 Implementing Rules (to be adopted end July)

9 CBC Strategy Paper foundation of the programme preparation eligible regions sharing a common border are grouped together into 15 programmes 7 year financial allocation for each programme is established the overall objectives are defined Fully equal ( balanced) participation in programming and decision making structures MS/PC Instument offers one set of rules on both sides of the border(s)

10 CBC programmes Nord-Kolarctic/Russia 28,241 m Karelia/Russia 23,203 m SE Finland/Russia 36,186 m Estonia/Latvia/Russia 47,775 m Latvia/Lithuania/Belarus 41,736 m Lithuania/Poland/Russia 132,132 m Poland/Belarus/Ukraine 186,207 m Hungary/Slovakia/Romania/Ukraine 68,640 m Romania/Ukraine/Moldova 126,721 m Spain/Morocco 156 732 CBC Atlantic 32 162 Italy/Tunisia 25 191 Baltic Sea 22,640 m (only ENPI) Black Sea 17,306 m Mediterrenean Sea Basin 17,607 m



13 CBC Strategy Paper foundation of the programme preparation Four objectives: Promote economic and social development Address common challenges Ensure efficient and secure borders Promote people to people co-operation should be addressed in each programme

14 Joint Programme Preparation and programme content The document the partners define together Description and analysis of the geographical area defined in the Strategy Paper Priorities: what is to be achieved and what measures will be supported - based on regional analysis and the four objectives as laid down in the Strategy Paper Implementation of the programme

15 How is a joint programme adopted? Partners present the programme to the Commission; The Commission verifies conformity with the Regulation, the Strategy Paper and the implementing rules; Commission adopts;

16 Expected timetable for setting up the programmes Submission by JMAs (AGCs) of joint programme documents to the European Commission, Oct. 07- March 2008 Preparation of EC decisions for the adoption of the programmes (first decisions end 2007) Programmes become operational in the MS after Commission decision and after signature of Financing Agreements in partner countries

17 Practical information Mailbox address: Website: cross_border/index_en.htm

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