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Welcome to the Ocado Pre-screen

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1 Welcome to the Ocado Pre-screen

2 Housekeeping Rules Health and safety Facilities What to expect

3 What will be Covered Today?
Overview of the Ocado Pre-Employment Training Key criteria & roles available Questions and feedback

4 Ocado Pre-employment Training
City and Guilds Entry Level 3 in Employability Skills. Guaranteed interview on successful completion of assessment.

5 Learner Journey

6 The Role - Personal Shoppers
A Personal Shopper is required to work a 40 to 48 hour week. Shifts are approximately 8-10 hours long interspersed with break time away from the shop floor.

7 Shifts / Hours Inbound Outbound Days Nights Inbound (all zones) 4 days
08:00 -19:00 19:00 – 06:00 Outbound Days Nights Outbound 5 days 04:30 – 12:30 Outbound (4 nights) 18:45 – 04:45 Outbound (including freezer) 5 days 05:00 – 13:00 Outbound (including freezer) 4 nights 19:15 – 05:15 Despatch 4 days 06:00 – 16:00 Despatch (4 nights) 20:15 – 06:15

8 Key Criteria To be considered for these role you must have:
Physical fitness with good mobility Able to work in cold temperatures A good attitude and ability to work quickly and efficiently.

9 Key Criteria Valid ID either full birth certificate or passport
Proof of national insurance, proof of address & bank account in your name Flexibility with your working hours

10 Probation Period 13 weeks probation Regular attendance Absence risk
Line manager performance review Improve on performance

11 Travel Getting to Ocado:
Ocado run a car share scheme allowing car share with other colleagues that share a similar route to work Private bus companies drop off and pick up employees from different areas. (£7 return per day)

12 Break 10 minutes

13 Ocado – An Introduction
Ocado is the world’s largest online supermarket Ocado delivers Morrisons products amongst others They have their own smart-phone app – Ocado on the go

14 Ocado – An Introduction
Ocado Video

15 Introductions What previous experience do you have?
Why you would like to work for Ocado?

16 Next Steps Please return all checklists to the facilitators.
Feedback will be provided to your advisors following the screening. Details about course venue and start date will be confirmed for those successful. Be prepared as the course could start as soon as next week.

17 Welcome to the Ocado Pre-screen

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