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Approaches of Dean project

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1 Approaches of Dean project
Ένωση Επιστημόνων Πληροφορικής & Τηλεπικοινωνιών Ν. Βοιωτίας Union of Information Technology Scientists of Viotia Prefecture Xenofon Strimpis Information Technology Teacher

2 Presentation Preview DEAN Background Accomplished tasks up to now
Final accomplishments Presentation Preview DEAN Background Accomplished tasks up to now Final accomplishments

3 DEAN Background DEAN Background DEAN’s Major goal is to create a cooperative educative network. The network initially organized on 3 nodes and each node had to find sub-nodes to work with them. Communication tools used to share and exchange ideas and solve common problems.

4 Ε.ΠΤΗ.Β Associated nodes
DEAN Background Ε.ΠΤΗ.Β Associated nodes We approached 2 interested nodes and only one was finally collaborated. Our sub-node is Library of 4th Gymnasium Livadeia The dropped out node was Valga Gümnaasium from Estonia. The reason is still unknown since we got no reply to our messages

5 Ε.ΠΤΗ.Β Books’ Topics -Literature(2) -History(6) -Geography(1)
DEAN Background Ε.ΠΤΗ.Β Books’ Topics -Literature(2) -History(6) -Geography(1) -Political Sciences (1) -Environment(1) -Folklore(1) -Cooking(1) All books are either text books or our publications in order to avoid copyright issues.

6 Accomplished tasks Courses Outcomes Digitization using scanner
12 books 12 thumbnail cover pages Optical Character Recognition software Conversion of scanned images to plain text. Word processing Text correction Editing HTML programming 12 cards one for each book 3 contents files File transferring PDF: 12 books HTML: 12 cards & 3 content files JPG: 12 thumbnail cover pages Accomplished tasks

7 Communication & Language skills
students students students foreign students students teachers physical contact distant contact Accomplished tasks physical contact Communication platforms - Video calls - - Social networking - - Chat -

8 To de done Organize and publish our work on the web
Start the agreed procedures for appending web content to the website Use other communication tools if needed for contact with each other (forum, blog) Disseminate our results Invite others to contribute Final accomplishments

9 Overall Nice working with you
DEAN Background Accomplished tasks Final accomplishments Overall DEAN project succeeded in all of its areas. Network worked in positive way by sharing, helping and informing each other. The Digital Library is open for anyone to access and also welcome to contribute according to the rules. All problems and conflicts were overcame and solved. Nice working with you

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