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Skype A multimedia tool to use in and outside your classroom.

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1 Skype A multimedia tool to use in and outside your classroom.

2 Agenda At this time, please take out the agenda I have provided for you on your tables.

3 What is Skype? Skype is an Internet calling service that allows members to make phone calls from their computer with an Internet connection, a microphone, and a pair of earphones (or you can combine the last two with a mic/headset). Skype users can call anyone in the world with a Skype account free of charge, and can use web cameras to chat face-to-face. Members can also call cell phones and land lines for a certain fee depending on location.

4 Team Building Activity Step 1: Find a partner Step 2: Once you find a partner, send them a text or e-mail about something that is coming up at school. This should be at least a paragraph. Step 3: Once you have done this, talk to them about how long it took you to access one another’s information, and then respond back to them. Step 4: You have 20 minutes

5 Why and How should I use Skype?

6 How to register for Skype

7 Feedback 10 minutes: On post it note paper and in groups of 4 (your choice): Discuss how easy or how hard Skype was to access and then to register. Choose one presenter in your group who will speak about your findings.

8 Why should teachers use Skype?

9 Team Building Activity 20 minutes: Since you have registered your account, pick a partner and log into your account. Together help one another personalize your Skype page. For example, upload a picture of you for others to see or an image which represents you. I’m here if you need any help.

10 Terms to know for Skype

11 Link to Skype Glossary Skype Glossary

12 Practice You have 10 minutes: With the closest person, choose 3 unknown terms from the Skype glossary and find them. Once you have found your terms, raise your hand for me so I can make sure you understand them.

13 Assessment Now it is time for you to show what you know. Choose another partnered group, and present your three unknown terms to them by showing them on Skype. Once you are finished, call me over to your groups.

14 What do you think so far? Please contact me on Skype at elizabeth.scroggs and send me a message on the following items: Your thoughts on Skype Your thoughts on using Skype Whether or not you are understanding Skype

15 Time to obtain usernames! Time 25 minutes: Please go around the room and glean usernames from your following teachers, especially your grade levels and department levels.

16 How do I add contacts on Skype?

17 Time to Skype! 10 minutes: Get into your grade levels and try Skyping with one another. Talk about how the professional development session is going or other matters at hand. Call me over if you have any questions.

18 Speed Dating 10 minutes Please make two lines facing one another. When I say go, begin talking to one another about the following items. However, when the music stops everyone on the left move to the right so you are facing a new partner. What are you fears, successes, hopes, and struggles with Skype so far?

19 How will Skype aid in conferencing?

20 Skyping Session/Feedback Time: 50 minutes: It is time for you grade levels to Skype with one another about the following things: What you have learned in this workshop, the different ways you can use Skype, and your fears and hopes about your grade levels using Skype for conferencing. Once you have answered these questions with your grade level, choose one other to Skype to about your findings.

21 Project Assignment Time: 1 hour: Your assignment is to choose a pressing topic at hand to discuss in your grade levels. It could be about your next integrated project, a student, or a community service learning project. Once you have chosen your topic, please elect a writer, presenter, leader, and clarifier. After your session, you will write a reflection on your experience with the workshop and the Skype session with your grade levels. This will be presented during the last 10 minutes of this workshop.

22 Presenter Evaluation Rubric On your table you will find a rubric. Please fill this out once all presentations and reflections are finished.

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