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Protected Area Governance and Equity Lea M. Scherl Ashish Kothari.

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1 Protected Area Governance and Equity Lea M. Scherl Ashish Kothari

2 Why Link Conservation with Equity Concerns? Ethical reasons Practical reasons

3 Ethical Reasons The principles of at least do no harm and respect for human rights must be observed The establishment and management of conservation initiatives must attempt to contribute to the livelihoods of local, indigenous communities and should not exacerbate poverty

4 Practical Reasons Protected Areas, corridors, and other conservation efforts are not islands they exist within a social, cultural and economic context with national and international influences It has been demonstrated that the fortress approach does not work Protected Areas, corridors, other conservation efforts and poverty co-exists predominantly in rural areas – need to find approaches to deal with this co-existance

5 What is interesting and new about governance of protected areas? Quality Type

6 Quality: principles of good governance developed by the UN agencies and highlighted at the World Parks Congress and beyond … Respect of human rights Legitimacy and Voice Subsidiarity Performance Fairness/equity Direction Accountability

7 who holds PA management authority and responsibility and is held accountable for decisions? –Government Managed PAs; –Co-managed PAs (i.e. multi-stakeholder management); –Privately Managed PAs; –Community Conserved Areas Type: different types of protected areas governance recognised at the World Parks Congress and beyond

8 Does more participatory governance leads to greater equity ? Some times yes, others not (between community and other stakeholders; and within communities themselves)

9 Examples: Within this meeting many success stories on the benefits of improved participatory governance (Lunch-time presentations highlighted a number of issues – there is no blueprint) Kenya eg. – elite capture within CCAs Phillipines – Extremely high transaction cost of co-management Peru – Co-management not always translate into benefits at the local level

10 How can the CBD bring a stronger equity perspective to National Policy frameworks on PAs Governance?

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