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Title I Rights and Services Annual Parent Meeting Keansburg School District September 16, 2013.

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1 Title I Rights and Services Annual Parent Meeting Keansburg School District September 16, 2013

2 Title I Services Meeting Overall Goal  To engage parents in the education of their children  No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires school districts to employ strategies to increase parental involvement.  To share information about Title I and its uses

3 Our District Will: E ngage our students in a relevant and meaningful curriculum that promotes 21 st century learning B elieve relationships among all stakeholders are critical toward our success B elieve in our students and support the identification, development, and pursuit of their individual dreams S et high academic, social and emotional expectations for our teachers and students, and persevere to achieve them B elieve, U nderstand, and R ealize G oals Graduates that are prepared and inspired to make positive contributions to society Non-Negotiables

4 Title I Services Title I Services Identification Criteria are used to identify Title I (Basic Skills) students Standardized assessments scores in Math and LAL Grades, class work and homework indicators Teacher input regarding work skills Parent request with principal review Local assessment scores

5 Title I Services ** Services we utilize for our students include :  Basic skills instruction for selected students  Innovative instructional programs for all students  Additional resources to work toward improving deficiencies  Targeted educational programming

6 NCLB Policies Supporting Parental Involvement  Section 1111 : Provides policies for parent involvement, specifically at the state level and for school improvement  Section 1112 : Provides policies for the development of local plans to inform parents of student achievement  Section1114 : Provides parental involvement requirements for school wide programs  Information is on our website: 

7 Title I Allocation Reservation Keansburg School District is required to reserve not less than one percent of their Title I allocation for parent involvement programs, including promoting family literacy and parenting skills. School activities include:  Family programs  Parent resource centers  Parent workshops  Title I Committees  Other family events specific to schools

8 Required Notifications to Parents  Teacher qualifications:  The district must notify parents of their “right to know,” and at their request, provide the following information about their child’s teachers: Whether they met state license requirements for the grades and subject areas taught (Currently 100%) If they are teaching under emergency of provisional status What baccalaureate degree and other degrees that teachers have earned  The qualifications of paraprofessionals  Whether the child has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified **Letters were mailed on Thursday, September 12 th, 2013 regarding this information

9 Required Notifications to Parents ** School Report Cards  Found on the NJDOE website at:  Information on student achievement is broken into six categories:  Displays percentage of students not tested  School Status  Priority Schools  Focus Schools  Graduation rates for secondary students  Information of the professional qualifications of teachers  Comparative information

10 Required Parent Notification Language Instruction Programs ◦ Not later than 30 days after the beginning of the school year, the district is required to inform a child’s parent or guardian of a limited English proficient child identified for participation in a Language Instruction Educational Program ** Letters have gone out already for some buildings, and all should be out by the end of next week.

11 NCLB Waiver  Facts and Important Changes:  NCLB Waiver  What tests do students take? HSPA, NJASK, NJBCT  How students achievement is measured?  NO SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATION SERVICES Required this year  Focus School – Bolger Middle School  Changes in funding

12 Questions, comments of concerns? Please feel free to contact us: Dr. Thomas Tramaglini Director of Curriculum & Instruction Mrs. Erin Maciorowski Title IA Coordinator Ms. Patty Faldetta Secretary to the Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Funding 732-787-2007 ext 2331 Or visit our website for more information:

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