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Eighth Street Elementary School September 25 th, 2014 Mr. John McCollum Title I Annual Parent Meeting.

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1 Eighth Street Elementary School September 25 th, 2014 Mr. John McCollum Title I Annual Parent Meeting

2 But, what is Title I? Title I is the largest federal assistance program for our nation’s schools. The goal of Title I is a higher quality of education for every child. The program serves millions of children in elementary and secondary schools each year. A portion of Title I funds are utilized for Parent Involvement Eighth Street Elementary is a Title I school!

3 How Does It Work? The Federal Government... Provides funds to states each year for Title I schools based on U.S. census poverty data. State Education Agencies... Send funds to school districts based on the number of families that receive free and reduced lunch. Send in a plan describing: – high-quality standards students are expected to master – assessment measures – How Title I funds will help students meet academic/behavior expectations. The local School Districts (LEAS)... – Identify eligible schools and distribute funds.

4 The NCLB works according to four common- sense principles: 1.Holding schools accountable for results. 2.Giving states and districts flexibility in how they spend federal money. 3.Using scientifically-based research on instructional “best practices” to guide classroom application. 4.Involving parents by giving them information and choices about their children’s education. No Child Left Behind, 2002

5 Parent’s Rights (under NCLB) Request the qualifications of your child’s teacher Be notified if your child is taught for more than 4 consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified Request opportunities for regular meetings with staff Participate in decisions relating to the education of your child Submit a written comment on the school-wide program plan when the school makes the plan available to the district (if you are not satisfied with the plan)

6 School Accountability Report Card School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) provides Demographic data; School safety and climate for learning information; Academic data; Graduation rates; Class sizes; Teacher and staff information; Curriculum and instruction descriptions; and Postsecondary preparation information

7 School Accountability Report Card Elementary School GradeYear % in Lowest Reading Level(s) % Level 2 and above FCAT Reading % Level 3 and above FCAT Reading 6 % Level 2 and above FCAT Math % Level 3 and above FCAT Math 6 FCAT Writing 1, 2, 4, 5 % making learning gains FCAT Reading 3, 6 % making learning gains FCAT Math 3, 6 % lowest 25% making learning gains FCAT Reading 3, 6 % lowest 25% making learning gains FCAT Math 6 % Level 3 and above FCAT Science Total Points Earned 7 Estimated Percent Tested Eighth Street A2014 74 73318469817389574100 A2013 69 71497380658075562100 A2012 67 71606979587169544100 A2011 91 827772776765622100 A2010 91 87817068607078605100 A2009 95 8974697660 72595100 A2008 89 8875737677 65620100 A2007 87 88807670716755594100 A2006 86 8980638057 455100 B2005 85 8486707247 444100 A2004 87 8183737567 46699 A2003 85 8685758975 495100 A2002 88 8986768076 49599 B2001..90 86+96 89+ 76+ 97 A2000..91 85+97 78+ 96+ 100 A1999..91 74+88 56+ 69+ 99

8 2013-2014 School Accountability Reports

9 Dreams to Reality 1.What does your child want to be? 2.How can he/she achieve that dream? 3.What can you do to help that dream become reality? A relevant, rigorous education and involved caregivers can help to make that dream become reality!

10 I want to be a... Emily wants to be an astronaut when she grows up!

11 What Can I Do? Every school has a School Advisory Council (SAC) composed of: Parents, Teachers, other staff members that work at the school, Principal and Students (at Middle and High School) The School Advisory Council reviews the CIMS/SIP to assist schools in making decisions on how Title I funds are used.

12 Take an Active Role ! Share information about your child’s interests and abilities with teachers. Visit the Parent Portal. Attend parent-teacher conferences. Consider whether you have met your responsibilities as stated in the parent-school compact. Volunteer at the school. Attend Parent Trainings

13 Stay Involved! Parent Resource Center on Wheels visits our school on __________________.

14 Parent Tip of the Day!

15 Three decades of research provide convincing evidence that parents are an important influence in helping their children achieve high academic standards. When parents are involved in education, children do better in school and schools improve!

16 Thank you for attending! Please take a moment to fill out the Title I Evaluation Form. Your input is welcome and is utilized in planning future Parent Involvement activities.

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