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Helping to build successful lives and strengthening our community.

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1 Helping to build successful lives and strengthening our community.

2 Project Search is a business led High School Transition program hosted by Health First, Inc. that enables young adults with disabilities to gain and maintain employment through training and career exploration and on site follow-along services! Our partners in this collaboration: Brevard County School System Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) State of Florida Vocational Rehabilitation Building internships and young professionals that employers cant live without!

3 In February 2007 the First Project SEARCH Site in Florida started at Health First in Brevard County. Additional sites that followed: PensacolaJacksonville Baptist Hospital Shands Hospital/University of Florida Gulf Breeze Hospital Santa Rosa Hospital Hollywood University of West Florida Bethesda Hospital West Palm BeachOrlando Miramar Hospital Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Conference Center Bethesda Hospital Service Center Florida Hospital Winter Park Bethesda Hospital Service Center Florida Hospital East Miami City of Miami Tallahassee Dade County ZooLeon County Commissioner's Office City of Hialeah StuartHudson Martin Memorial HospitalRegional Medical Center Bayonet Point North Bay Hospital Melbourne Health First, Inc. CCH Health First, Inc. HRMC City of Palm Bay

4 Program statistics: February 2007 – December 2011 80 individuals (adults & students) have been served through Project Search at Health First, Inc. 51 individuals have obtained employment in Brevard County. 64% placement rate Health First has hired 43 Project SEARCH Graduates (adults & students)

5 As a vocational training and employment program Project SEARCH provides: Job Coaching, On-the-Job-Training, continued support and assistance for businesses in Brevard County.. Off site we provide assistance for businesses in Brevard County by matching the abilities of people with disabilities to real jobs, free of charge. Visit our website: Building internships and young professionals that employers cant live without!

6 The Goal of the program is Employment!

7 People tend to become what they think we expect them to be. You can set people up for success or failure by your expectations. If you communicate to the people around you that you expect them not to succeed, they probably will not. During Health Firsts Project SEARCH program the student interns are treated like employable young adults that theyre likely to become. The best salesmen expect customers to buy their product. The best executives expect employees to have creative ideas. The best speakers expect audiences to be interested. The best leaders expect people to want to follow.

8 The Project SEARCH Program By design the program simultaneously changes corporate culture and the receptivity of the workplace to employing people with disabilities. Project SEARCH creates opportunities for companies to meet and get to know people with disabilities on familiar ground and in a positive non- threatening way.

9 The Power of Presence - changes culture or practice. The Project SEARCH internship program at HF is doing more than just providing valuable work experiences for the student interns. Project SEARCH takes twelve student interns, in the course of a year, and moves them through four departments where they are learning real skills, you immediately begin to change culture in an organization.

10 The Power of Presence in Action. Throughout the course of the workday, interns interact with many of the departments in the hospital. Relationships are built, talents recognized, attitudes are changed, misconceptions are corrected. Internships and job opportunities open up and soon well trained graduates are being hired into regular Health First positions.

11 Building a Business Culture that expects Job Success Within the business The family/ individual The service provider

12 How Business Culture changed at Health First We adjusted our Expectations: To believe with confidence, or think it likely, that an event will happen in the future. Wait for an anticipated thing: To look forward to, something that is believed to be going to happen. We learned to Anticipate: Expect something: to think or be fairly sure that something will happen. Always Promoting Professionalism: The skill, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession.

13 What is culture? The set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic. Shared beliefs and values of a group – the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior of a particular group of people. Jocelyn – Housekeeping HRMC- hired July 07

14 Business Culture Changes by providing well trained candidates. An individual must add value to the business Anthony – Assistant II, hired March 2011

15 Business Culture changes by anticipating the needs of the business Lamar - hired June 2008

16 Business Culture changes by identifying business job expectations & performance goals

17 Business Culture changes by matching the interns personality and identified talent or skills

18 Business Culture changes by setting the Bar high Sandi – Human Resource Office Tech hired May 2010 Jessica – Nursing Support assistant hired April 2008

19 Business Culture changes by believing in the intern/employee. Ryan – Dietary cashier, cold food prep, server, runner -hired December 2011

20 Business Culture changes by not pre-judging the individuals abilities Chad Anthony

21 Business Culture changes by focusing on outcomes (not processes) Mark – Nursing Support Assistant – hired March 2010 Pete – Transport/pumps HRMC hired March 07

22 What we have learned. Dont underestimate the impact your perceptions have on outcomes. Understand what the employer needs. Let it begin with us. The Project SEARCH staff. Public Relations are 24/7.

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